Jack White Is Coming to Portland

And with the Help of Yondr, He’s Taking Away Your Phone Privileges



YES! Separate the zombies from their electronic leashes! I wish every artist would do it. I wish every employer would do do it. I wish every school, restaurant, movie theater, library, etc. etc. etc. would do it!!! I long for the days prior to cell phones, when we interacted with people face to face, showed up where we said we would when we said we would (no texting required), and lived our lives instead of documenting them and posting them, heavily curated, on social media. I live on the coast and it is impossible for me to comprehend the how and why of all of the people who stand with their backs to the ocean, obsessively checking their cell phones.


Embracing phones = embracing fans. It's fun to take pics / vids to share on social media. Encourage hashtags and make it a positive thing! Shaming phone use is not the way forward, in my opinion. Let people decide if they want to be "present" or whatever. If your performance is amazing, all eyes (and phones) will be on you, anyway.