If you search for Megan Phelps in these board minutes, it appears that this decision was made by some random folks with sticky notes.


So, 35 people voted to bring the station back to MHCC (out of 40 ballots received). 35. How many regular KMHD listeners were among those 35, I wonder...


Megan Phelps isn't even a board member, she runs the student paper, and only forty students attended her 'event' offering 'public input'. There are about 9,300 MHCC students, so the board made a decision based on what less than 0.5% of the student population 'want', WTF???? That's hardly a resounding reason to reject the agreement with OPB.


I admit I know nothing about this, but the only way this play makes sense is if it is a "negotiating ploy" to extract money from OPB. The only item of value on MHCC's side is the license; meanwhile OPB seems to have committed resources based on confidence in keeping the relationship. So, the way the grift works is to motivate OPB to cough up and protect its investment.


So is there any reason why OPB can't just change the call letters and keep the station as is?


I don't have an opinion on who should run the station, but I'm not going to base my decision on this news report because it only talks to people on one side.

Extensively quoting one point of view while describing the missing other POV as "confusing" and "puzzling" gives us no real insight into the dispute, unless you just think there are good rational people on one side and evil, irrational ones on the other.

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