Thank goodness they're staying with OPB. I understand MHCC wanting to have better opportunities for their students to learn about the broadcasting business, on-air communications, producing, production, engineering and a slew of other things that go into making a world-class jazz station.

From what I've read, in the Mercury and reported elsewhere since this whole move back to MHCC campus process started, there have been only a small handful of students who interned since OPB took over daily operations. This I find disturbing for a number of reasons. First, it seems like there is little student interest in the station if in the years since OPB took over daily operations in 2009. Second, if there is interest, is the location of the studio on SW Macadams Avenue a hardship for students to get to? Given the multiple opportunities for transportation in the metro area, I find this to be a poor excuse. Third, if there is interest and transport options, then the only other explanation is OPB makes it nearly impossible through vetting or other obstacles which discourage students from interning at the station. To me, this seems the most logical explanation for poor student turnout at the station.

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