Dear fellow co-workers and dedicated readers:

I am writing to inform you of my resignation. Please know that I consider our parting to be on the best of terms. Don't tell yourself you weren't good enough, or that you should fall onto your knees and beg for the return of my affection. At this point, there's nothing you can do. For I have found another. Goddamn you. You know who it is; you've known all along. That's right. Radiohead.

I am officially resigning my position as Mercury Editorial Assistant in order to follow Radiohead around the world full-time. If you really must know, Radiohead gives me something you never could. It's not that you weren't good at it. It's that Radiohead hails from another world--a galaxy, if you will, in which Thom Yorke sits atop a golden climax and music radiates from his soul. Music that's not even music as you understand it, but what he describes as "an art project."

Oh, so you don't think I know what you say about my beloved? You don't think I've heard the whispers, the aching jealousy of you and all your "critic" friends? You just don't understand Radiohead like I do. Where were you when Pablo Honey came out, huh? Were you there, listening to the guitar work, hearing the beauty of that naked voice crying out with passion?

The famous 17th-century artist Jacques Luis-Sardot once said, "One cannot progress until one has mastered one's present undertaking." Don't you see? Radiohead no longer needs to rely on crutches like guitars, drums--excessive sound would be garish, wrong, evil. The beauty lies in the fact that so much emotion can be captured, contained, and held against its will in one silver moment.

I knew the second I heard Radiohead that there would be one second when they evolved to the point of perfection, when I would be called to leave my petty position in life, whatever that may be. That moment is now. I heard Kid A and I felt Thom calling. Goodbye. If you miss me, just plug in Kid A, and wrap your arms around yourself--there's part of me there me and Thom, holding ourselves together.


Katia Dunn, ex-Editorial Assistant