DJ Kenoy

WHEN: DJ Kenoy, aka Sleazy Disco, spins at Devil's Point on Wednesdays, and hosts Chocolate Sushi every other Sunday at Madame Butterfly with DJ Martin.

Top Five Tracks

Planet Funk, "Stuck in the UK"

DFA, "Beat Connection"

Blondie, "Call Me"

Depeche Mode, "Behind the Wheel"

The Rapture, "Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks"

Everyone's a DJ these days. Your thoughts?

I think commercialism can be ridiculous on any level. I mean, what does Sprite have to do with DJing? To me, nothing. But [DJing] is also a form of self-expression and it helps people get into music more. I think everyone should do it. I don't mind the rise in popularity in that way. Everyone should be allowed to DJ; I think it's good.

What's the best time you've ever had spinning?

The Blackbird's Queer Night rocked. People really got into the music, with all the electro and rock 'n' roll.

What's your DJ vibe?

I want people to feel welcome and have good time and feel they're around friends. I want to create an atmosphere that's very friendly; not like you're at some club where people are too cool to talk to with you.

What's makes you happiest when you're spinning?

Beers in the air! And people making out.


Don't be afraid to ask for money, but also, know when not to ask for money. Like, if some club is making money at the bar, and they can pay you, then demand to be paid or don't play there again. But if it's a private party and they're hella broke, then don't ask. If it's a club, ask for the money upfront. Also--DJing is for entertainment purposes. I think people forget that once you step out of your bedroom, you're an entertainer. I don't care where you're at--Stumptown, wherever--you should figure out who your target audience is and play for them. Just remember: you are an entertainer. Don't abuse people's ears. You want their attention. NICOLE WARREN