Aaron Marquez

WHEN: Marquez spins classic and underground hiphop every Tuesday at the Ash St. for Thorn City Improv. His KBOO radio show airs on Sundays, from midnight to 3 am.

What are your top five tracks?

1. Pharoahe Monch "Agent Orange"

2. Lifesavas featuring Declaime "Government Cheese"

3. Dudley Perkins "Washbrainsyndrome"

4. Vinia Mojica "Guilt Junkee"

5. Madlib "Distant Land"

You're also a DJ at KBOO; is there more freedom when you're alone in the sound booth, or do you like the live energy you get from the crowd?

"I don't really think of any situation as limiting my freedom as opposed to other times. Different times and situations call for different records. If I'm spinning on KBOO, it's most likely late at night so I can play records that are more mellow or abstract even, but if it's somewhere like Thorn City Improv, I gotta give the people something that's gonna make 'em nod their head or move their ass. I like playing on both radio and in clubs."

What makes a good DJ great?

"The DJs I most enjoy listening to play good music, most importantly. And if you can creatively mix your records--drop a nice scratch or juggle or some little trick here and there--I think as a DJ, you'll be ahead of the pack."

Is there a lot of competition within the field?

"Yeah, there's a lot of competition. There are a lot of DJ's out there nowadays. I think that's a good thing because it keeps people on their toes and always improving. I haven't heard about people stealing records or sets or anything like that, though. I think if you did that you'd pretty much be over anyways, you wouldn't really have any business DJ'ing 'professionally.'"

Advice to all the would-be DJs of the world?

"Buy a lot of records, practice a lot and develop your own style." NICOLE WARREN