When: Dantronix spins at East every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and every other Saturday.

What are the top five tracks you're spinning?

1. Outkast "Hey Ya!"

2. Stars As Eyes "Falling Picture (Shy Child remix)"

3. Jaylib- "The Red"

4. Anything by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

5. Peaches "Shake Yer Dix"

Where's your favorite place to spin in Portland?

"East is my favorite place because they give me the opportunity to spin different styles on different nights."

Your passion for music has inspired you to make a documentary film... tell us about it.

"I'm making a film with Andrew Dickson and Food Chain Films about peoples' love of music and my love of music that includes several different musicians from this generation [Stephen Malkmus, The Microphones, Fischerspooner]. I love film because of its honesty and its immortality. Documenting this period is very important not for my ego, but for future generations to have a point of reference as to what was happening in music during this time. I'm in this for the love of music, expression, and education."

For nouveau DJs shopping for equipment, what makes and models of turntable and mixer would you recommend? Or what do you, yourself use?

"I use Technics 1200s. That's two Cadillacs... A pimp is only as smooth as his ride. A good mixer is one that works. Every mixer is different; every DJ is different. It's what works best for the individual." STEVE LANNING