O.G. One

O.G. One, a local hiphop/R&B producer and DJ, spins Sunday nights at Tonic Lounge, Saturday nights at Hot Shots in the 'Couve (in the VIP Room, sucka!) and, starting Nov 21, Friday nights at Fuel on NW 13th and Hoyt. Right now, he's "campaigning to guest-appear on BET's Rapcity--The Basement." To show your support for O.G. One and help his campaign, email BET at www.bet.com.

So what's up with O.G. ONE Productions?

Lately OGP has been focused on mixtape projects and working with young fresh talent in Portland. I figured that as a DJ, I have somewhat of an advantage in that the industry looks to me to break records, promote records, with the goal of boosting sells. So I've decided to use the mixtape format toÉshowcase up and coming artists out of Portland. My O.G. ONE Mixtape 2002 gave Portland a little taste of the level we need to take it on, if we want to be recognized.

Other than that, I've backed away from producing local artists. Not because there is no talent, because Portland can compete with some of the best, but because Portland as a city doesn't support its artist in sales. So it's been a waste for me to produce an artist in Portland that nobody buys. Interestingly enough, I've sold more mix CDs in Portland than anywhere, and can take the same tracks to another city, and they sell like hotcakes.

Where are you most comfortable--behind the boards or the tables?

Ooh! Good question! My ultimate goal is a production deal, so I'd have to say boards, because spinning wax is where I get to entertain my playtime, where I get to release tension, emotions, anger, happiness through records.

What's on the turns every time you step out?

Well, that depends on what spot I'm spinning at. Underground set, Lifesavas' "Fasho" track; Mainstream hiphop set, Lil' Jon's "Get Low"; R&B set, R. Kelly's "Step in the Name of Love" remix; old school set would be Isley Brothers' "Between the Sheets"É as you can see, my sets vary weekly.

Who's the kid to watch in Portland hiphop right now?

You trying to make people mad at me? Honestly... I'd have to say that if these young cats remain in Portland they will be the ones to watch out for: these two unknown 15-year-olds who go by the group name "Dynamix." But in terms of who is hot right now--LIFESAVAS! That will probably be that hiphop group that breaks it in Portland. CHAZZ MADRIGAL