DJ Ghosthole

Ghosthole is not what you'd expect from a self-proclaimed "cute little girl." She is a blinding sword of righteous rock and roll, held aloft in a sea of hipsters. Coming out from a six-year retirement to quench the thirst for metal and hard rock that you didn't even know you had. (Yeah, she's that good!)

Do you think there's a level of irony to people's enthusiasm in metal?

Sure, I think there is some of that, but there are also a lot of people who will come up to me and say things like "This was my favorite record when I was a kid, I wore out three copies!" So I guess the easy answer is that it's a little of both.

What the best part about spinning?

The ability to cultivate a mood and bridge a space between bands. Just turning a space where people might just be waiting for the next band or drinking a beer into something of its own. I got back into to fill the hole that was left when I broke my foot. I couldn't drum with my band for awhile, but I needed to perform somehow.

Top Five: fire away!

Judas Priest--"Electric Eye"

Lightning Bolt--"13 Monsters"

Ozzy--"Crazy Train"

Shellac--"A Minute"

Les Variations--"Moroccan Roll"

Where would you like to see your night evolve?

Dance Party, Dance Party, Dance Party! I would like to keep it pumped up enough for people to stay through all the bands that may be playing the same night and then Dance Party. I love being able to open people up to things they think they wouldn't like. Metal and rock isn't all I'm into, so I try to see what people respond to, and then gauge what else they might like. A good hiphop track does so much more to a dance floor these days than a '60s garage cut. CHAZZ MADRIGAL