Melissa Davis

Levi & Leonetti

Sexy Krew ( DJs Levi & Leonetti spin house and breakbeats every third Thursday at Fuel for "Premium," and catch Leonetti doing her thing with Lil' C at the Fez every last Tuesday for "Keepin It Real."

How did each of you get into DJing?

Levi: I started mixing over two years ago after 19 years of studying piano and some guitar; I enjoyed the surprising versatility of the decks and felt that the turntable was a great instrument of self-expression. My friend DJ Mestizo invited me to play at Exotica a go-go with him on Thursday nights, and I've been addicted ever since.

Leo: I discovered the rave scene while living in Chicago in the early '90s and fell in love with the music, the b-boys/girls, the music stores. When I starting going to clubs and raves here in Portland, I danced a little, but spent most of the time standing next to the DJ booth. One day my friend April said, "Why don't you just buy some turntables?"

What brought you together?

House music and the mutual belief system that we share around it, the joy it brings to our lives and the desire to play it with like-minded cats for like minded househeads. We both found each other ambitious and creative and generous. We learn a lot from each other and have a lot of mutual respect. Also, we both are big believers in wearing cool, smokin' hats.

What makes a party happen for you?

Not wanting to sound trite, but beautiful, relentlessly seductive, bangin' beats and a quality vibe. No matter what, it's about the people you surround yourselves with and the music playing. Oh, and of course--free beer is always an added bonus.

Favorite thing about playing in Portland?

The people and promoters/clubs who comprise the community's lack of attitude and ego. We all just want to dance to music that moves us; that is heaven. CHAZZ MADRIGAL