DJ Makeout

You're makin' out somewhere, there's fresh music playing, and everyone's dancingÉ Chances are DJ Makeout's right around the corner--either behind the decks or on his way to the party. You can get down with him at tons of house parties, or you can just stalk him at his regular gigs: Every Tuesday at Kelly's for "White Heat PDX"; regular Wednesdays at Grand Central Bowl; Fridays at Slabtown; and Saturdays at the 7 Stars Lounge.

State your business.

I like to play a variety of different stuff, with an emphasis on "neo-electro/clash," newer "garage rock," and older "East Coast hiphop," but really just about anything danceable.

What on earth are you doing behind the decks? How did you get back there?

My friend Leah called me to bring records down to a Rapture show at Berbati's almost two years ago. I brought down three, and it just snowballed from there.

Weirdest DJ gig?

The weirdest was at the Voodoo Lounge--they weren't feeling the T-Rex.

Ever cleared the floor?

Only when I play Steve Albini for fawkers (who is a saint to me, by the way).

Is there anything you wouldn't play even if someone had a gun to your head?

I'm a whore to the People. I'll try and play something if I have it and it fits the flow of the set.

DJ vs Human Jukebox: which are you, and why?

I'm more a split pair of human iPods. I don't mix that well but damnit I gotta ass load of songs.

Top five?

Whitey, Why You Want to Be Me EP; all DFA production remixes; Amp Fiddler, "I Believe In You" (Jaylib remix); Metro Area, Kerrier District, Black Devil, and related; middle school hiphop producers/MC's like Large Prof, Primo, Pete Rock, OC.

Do you have further ambitions with DJing or do you just do it for fun?

Both--if I can expose people to different flavors while making money, that's amazing. Right now deejaying is helping me buying a shit load more records than I normally would.

Does DJing get you laid?

I'm DJ "Makeout," bitch! MARJORIE SKINNER