DJ Maxx Bass

A big man with penchant for literally elevating his dance patrons, DJ Maxx Bass may be difficult to pin down stylistically--but his mission is clear: "Pimpin' comes first." Maxx Bass DJs regularly at Holocene.

How did you get behind the decks?

I started DJing at 18. I met some record store dudes and they taught me all about awesome music, and since then I have collected plenty of records. A lot of thanks is due to those stretch-pants-wearing men. So collecting records got me into DJing. I got so many it was ridiculous not to share them.

What can people expect you to be doing back there?

I am playing jamms, and trying to bring two songs to a smooth transition. I am also learning how people react to different music, for example, I like to play a Prince song followed by a DJ GODFATHER track and see how people handle it--to make people dance to something they never have before. Anyone can dance to Michael Jackson; that's not interesting. This may go into the politics of dancing.

Weirdest DJ gig?

The Portland Sprirt--the big boat on the river. It's just weird to play on a boat. Awesome though. Also, there was one Halloween at Union Jacks when I played all noise music.

Ever cleared the floor?

I try to every show. Just to see if I can get them


Is there anything you wouldn't play even if someone had a gun to your head?

The Doors, Lilith Fair stuffÉ there's plenty of crap out there, but I'll only play half of it.

DJ vs. Human Jukebox: which are you, and why?

The jamms I bust are awesome, though I can't put them together super efficiently. But I at least attempt the mix, so I think that might put me more in the DJ category. Finally having a mixer that works will help with all that.

Top five?

Five dudes who make me move: DMX Krew, Albert One, DJ Godfather, Jamie Lidell, Lil' John.

Does DJing get you laid?

My girl says only when I lay the jamms out real nice... ZAC PENNINGTON