DJ Flutterby

DJ Flutterby is a coffee addict who's inspired by kittens and sunshine. She enjoys long walks on the beach and dusty record bins. Read on--she may just be the right DJ for you!

So what's a Flutterby?

It's a variation of "butterfly." Butterflies evoke images of sunshine and summer; so does the music I play. Bring on the chimes and vibraphones, baby!

You've been spinning a long time, how have you evolved over the years?

I've been DJing for close to seven years, and although I started out with drum 'n bass, to everything there is a season. In the last three or four years I've taken up with deep house and downbeats. I have certainly moved away from strictly techno-oriented DJ sets. I like to incorporate rock, funk, experimental electronic, and indie-pop.

Please forgive me for this, but what music gets Flutterby fluttering?

Mash-ups, the re-emergence of rock, and its incorporation into electronic music, glitch-hop (Dabrye, in particular), future-boogie, electro-funk roots. I want someone to show me how to connect the dots between 1982 and 2004.

What are your thoughts on the Portland scene?

Portland has a tightly knit, small scene. Musically, there's a lot going on every night of the week, and not enough attention to go around. As resources and electronic music fans dwindle, people are scrapping for what's left, leading to a lot of drama.

What's the word on Sister PDX, the group you're a resident DJ of?

It's not a DJ sorority. Sister PDX is a collective of Portland-area female DJs and electronic musicians. The group holds open turntable sessions for females who want to learn mixing, and we mentor and encourage each other. Sometimes it's just fun to get together with the girls and play records, and if we can learn something about cooperation or technical skills from each other, all the better.

Are male DJs from Mars and woman DJs from Venus?

Male and female DJs alike hail from the Planet Tinnitus.

Do you have a message for the masses?

Music's the thing. I am but a medium for the message. AARON MILES