DJ Awkward

DJ Awkward spins hiphop at fine establishments like East and XV as well as on the radio, co-hosting the DoLo mix show and the Double Dutch Hiphop hour on KPSU (1450 AM) on Saturdays from 7-9 pm. He's also one of the few hiphop DJs who's also a performance artist, regularly performing with the House of Cunt.

Tell me about your work with the House of Cunt.

I was lucky enough to be asked to perform with them and have had the pleasure of doing three shows in the group up to this point. It's kind of like sketch comedy, but a lot of the members are gifted dancers and singers, so that is a big part of it. I can neither sing nor dance.

Do you have any DJ pet peeves?

When people come up right when the night has started and repeatedly request something like Too Short. Everybody loves Short Dog, but in the first twenty minutes of the night?

You spin a lot of underground hiphop. A lot of people say they like underground more because it's more "conscious," has a "stronger message," and can "change the world" or something. What do you think about all that?

I like all of those words. They are great words. I could also use them to describe metal, reggae, and hardcore, which I also like. I play mainstream hiphop records too. I would like to think that I never represented so hard that I missed an opportunity to enjoy a record or enjoy an experience.

What do you think about the mainstream stuff?

Right now I think mainstream has blown past underground in a production sense. I also think the high-dollar artists are starting to have better flows than before.

You play in some pretty fancy clubs. What are you thoughts on the hiphop club scene here?

I am not sure of any underground Portland clubs right now. They all seem to be pretty well known places. Maybe I am not privy to these establishments.

What's hiphop to you?

Hiphop is something you live. And don't fake the funk. Represent, represent. AARON MILES