The Cancer Fags

The Cancer Fags are vocalist Julian Tulip and DJ/vocalist Corban Lester. Lester spins the hot and heavy electro, and Mr. Tulip croons sexy tales of debauchery.

What's with the name?

CL: Most of what we are doing comes from a very guarded place in our brains. Getting it to come out on stage takes a sort of aggressive attitude. We have the name to match it, I guess. We'd pick a different name if we couldn't deliver.

How did you become Cancer Fags?

CL: I approached Julian with the idea of working together because I saw that everyone had become a DJ, and it had lost a lot of its artistic edge. I wanted to add something truly unique to the experience of going to a dance club, and also to have a project that I could perform in unusual places--galleries, with rock bands, at house parties. As for Julian, he'd been around DJ's and been producing electronic music similar to things I was interested in, and he'd mentioned on a few occasions that he really liked the things I was playing. When we got together, we found that our visions and methods clicked quite immediately, and it's been inertia for most of the way.

Is the cancer spreading to the masses?

CL: People appreciate that we're offering something new. A lot of people get sucked in to the stories Julian tells, and then they're on the dance floor when the beats drop.

JT: We hear comments like (we) are "the best thing since the Pet Shop Boys." We make it look easy.

CL: Apparently too much so. It seems like there's a lot of trainspotters at our shows--people looking over our shoulder...

JT: Yeah, trying to get a piece of "the fag pie." Bring it.

Who hits you up for a slice of fag pie more, guys or girls?

JT: Good question...

CL: Do you mean during or after the show? Because we're usually out of there before it gets really weird. AARON MILES