Bryan Richardson
31 Avas

31 Avas isn't an ice cream pusher, but one "huge nerd" of a DJ who reads dictionaries. She spins the "sexy electro" and does an electronic music show on KPSU 1450 AM every Tuesday at 10 pm.

You just started DJing out. Why?

I started doing a radio show on KPSU and the station has so many good DJs. Everyone is pretty willing to share their skills, so I pretty much had no excuse not to try. People in Portland are thirsty for good electro, so I find a lot of people encouraging me and willing to book me regardless of mixing skills.

What's hot with electro right now?

Jake Fairley's new record, the Ghostly International/Spectral label, Portland DJ's Derek Fischer and the Perfect Cyn.

What savors the flavor for Avas?

Sexy electronic music and cute boys (preferably at the same time).

What kills the flavor?

Boring house and trance, bad grammar, when I see recyclables in the trash.

Radio vs. live DJing. Discuss.

I like radio because I don't have to see people watching me if I botch something, and everybody can listen regardless of age. It's also easier to get lazy Portlanders to tune in to a radio show than to show up to a show. KPSU is on the web, so I have people listening all over the country and world.

As a big college nerd, what's your take on the current political situation?

We are fucked. I was feeling optimistic about the November elections, but most of America seems to have its eyes tightly closed to the lies and inexcusable actions of the Bush administration. The ramifications as far as independent media, which is an important vehicle for indie and electronic music, can't be overstated. If we allow our larger scale non-web independent media to slip away we will never have anything close to democracy in this country again. If citizens don't have access to unbiased, factual information, they cannot participate in their own governing.

What can people do?

Support independent media. Watch the corporate media and demand that they get the story straight. Give money to KPSU during the spring pledge drive! AARON MILES