The Perfect Cyn and Derek Fisher

The Perfect Cyn and Derek Fisher spin their "sexy robot music" regularly at Ohm, Saucebox, Holocene, Bastas Trattoria, and other hotspots. They are an example of what you get when you cross a "Glaswegian, a Hoosier, and an

Why do you work as a duo?

d: Why do you think we hooked up! She's gorgeous!

What's sexy robot music?

c: Kind of a long way to say electro. Music you'd imagine robots

Tell me about this electro, and what ever happened to electroclash?

c: I think electro has a lot of interpretations, and right now producers are

d: I find it all a bit amusing, because it became a big gimmick for people to play different genres of music within 2 hours including pop

What do you think about all the

electro DJ's?

c: I say go for it--get the music out there! Screw the rules. A DJ should

in the space .

but when the skills

Any other advice?

d: The more types of music you listen to, the more fun you'll

c: Remember that's what it's about, having fun. AARON MILES