DJ Hot Air Balloon

DJ Hot Air Balloon is a man of the people. He's a DJ who spins for the people, and by the people. Double-fisting iPods with a decades-deep wealth of dance fuel, DJ Hot Air Balloon is there to make the party start, and the people step. He spins regularly every third Thursday at "The Steppers Club," his monthly night at Dunes. This Saturday, he's also at the Holocene for the release party of the Blow's Poor Aim, a record he released by way of his day job as CEO at States Rights Records.

State your business.

DJ Hot Air Balloon, a.k.a. Uncle Life/Uncle Love, a.k.a. CEO States Rights Records.

Describe your style.

Very little technical skill mixed with a certain amount of excitement. I like to play commercial hip hop, wacktop, smooth R&B, friends musics. I like to dance to the songs I'm playing.

Weirdest DJ gig?

Have to be the pirate themed "party" at a brew house where they were unveiling a new rum. The bachelorette party where there were kissing booths and softcore gay porn being projected was also weird, but incredibly awesome.

What is Steppers Club?

Steppers Club is a monthly night I'm doing at that very awesome club at 1045 NE MLK on 3rd Thursdays. It is completely inspired by R. Kelly's Happy People album. Stepping is a particular dance style that is popular in Chicago clubs. People get dressed up and STEP. I play R. Kelly, The Whispers, O'Jays, Alicia Keys, "Rare Groove," Ginuwine, etc.

What are your current Top 5 Songs to Spin?

Snoop & Pharrell's "Drop It Like It's Hot," Black Dice's "Cloud Pleaser," Jib Kidder's "And Nothing But," Big Gipp's "Steppin Out," and 213's "Brown Skin."

Do you think it's a conflict of interest spinning records you put out?

No way. I mean, if it sounds good, right? I put out some dancefloor ready records…; and sometimes it's just shameless. Whatever works, right?

Does DJing help your love life?

This one time, I thought this girl was looking at me. Then she left. ZAC PENNINGTON