DJ Entropy

DJ Entropy spins Friday, December 3rd at Doug Fir Lounge, between the Kills, the Hunches, and Wet Confetti.

State Your Name.

DJ Entropy, a.k.a. Ben Fitzhugh.

State Your Business.

I spin it all, from new wave to drum and bass to electro trash and on and on.

How did you get your start?

I got my start playing a show called Death In Eugene. I had experience before that but that was my first regular gig. I spun death rock, punk, and new wave. I worked with another DJ called Gavin from San Francisco. I did some guest spots for fetish parties.

Where can people hear you spin?

I don't presently have a regular gig. I have been a special events DJ for a while now. I opened for DEVO at Pioneer Courthouse Square. I have played fashion shows, MusicFest NW VIP parties, art and film festivals, and in-stores. I have opened for The Punk Group, Way Out West, Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Storm and the Balls, etc. I would love to play a regular gig. I love spinning records, and any chance to play I am there.

Current Top 5?

The Killers' "Somebody Told Me (Josh Todd Remix)," Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine," Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love," The Faint's "Worked Up So Sexual," and Faster Pussycat's "Number 1 With A Bullet."

Worst DJ Experience?

I have had a few bad DJ experiences--[poor] equipment, no monitors--I played a show at Holocene for a going away party, and I could not get those bastards to dance. I tried everything. They pissed me off, so I played a fuck off set.

Do you have a DJ guilty pleasure?

CDs. Yes kids, I use CDs and vinyl. And yes you can mix CDs. If it was a perfect world I could find everything I wanted on vinyl, and it would weigh less, and every club would have their own turntables… but do we live in a perfect world? ZAC PENNINGTON