Chris Massey titled his dance night Sluts and Squares after a cartoon depicting a woman wearing a swishing cocktail dress with knee-high boots, her gloved hands hanging upon a nerdy, androgynous figure sporting thick glasses, beige slacks, and a necktie. Scrawled at the top were the words "Sluts and Squares." Immediately, Massey fell in love with the title; he felt it was the perfect moniker and "represented inclusion and unity, the Slut and the Square, two ends of a continuum coming together."

A similar spectrum extends itself over the rainbow, as Sluts and Squares attracts a beautiful GLBTQ population. As a straight man, Massey was inspired by legendary queer spinner DJ Puppet, who shared his vision of seeing the queer community and hetero folks alike mingling and getting down on a dance floor. In the beginning, Sluts and Squares featured live music to rile up a modest crowd in preparation for the DJ's set. However, over several months, it became too difficult to transition between a band's set and the discotheque vibe Chris had envisioned.

With live burlesque shows (some of the most notable acts have included the voluptuous Sahara Dunes, the Rose City Sirens, and acrobatic wonder boys Burlesquire), go-go dancers, and driving, electro house music, Sluts and Squares proves itself to be a unique spectacle. While it is likely you will hear some of your favorite '80s hits, Sluts and Squares' spinsters—DJs Shimmy, Corban, and Verse—are sure to turn you on to an eclectic range of underground electronic pulses, with a focus on lady-led remixes from around the world. Unlike other "queer positive" nights—which oftentimes translates to "queer meat market"—Sluts and Squares has achieved its goal in creating an all-inclusive dance night, which Massey describes as a "party for people of any gender, sexuality, size, or race who know how to have a good time." In other words, come as you are. Whether you're a slut or a square, you will be happy to be there.