PLEASEEASAUR Well... they're better than Carrot Top.

Hopeful (and deluded) sea wanderers often misidentify shark carcasses as Plesiosaurs, a mysterious and ancient (and extinct) ocean-dwelling creature. Pleaseeasaur, as similarly wandered upon by indie show-goers, also fails to deliver an anticipated breed... of "comedian." But, unlike invariably disappointed shark-carcass finders, Pleaseeasaur (AKA J.P. Hasson) finds himself before a chorus of laughter or slack-jawed blank stares—but, undoubtedly, both reactions are housed under the "WTF???!!!" category.

This type of reception is surely what has fueled Hasson's relentless touring since 1996. What started out as a good-looking, shy indierocker with a mic and a boombox has evolved into an hour-long multimedia prop comedy brain-fart.

Oh yeah, it's musical—if you consider a guy talking smarmily over pre-recorded tracks, offering synth-beats, late-night timeshare infomercial melodies, and Ennio Morricone-esque tweakings to be musical. The lyrics aren't funny, and they're not intended to be.

Most of the comical merit is thanks to Hasson's partner in crime, multimedia impresario Thomas Hurley III, who produces technically impressive costumes and supplementary visuals. Seriously though, these costumes are mind-blowingly cutesy and willy-nilly: You'll see a Yeti, a Victorian judge, and a trio of "pizza brothers" trouncing around stage.

Despite some long years of opening for huge indie acts to often-lukewarm crowds, business acumen and determination has paid off for Hasson and Hurley. They've landed a three EP deal with Warner affiliate Razler Records, and will sign a reportedly huge DVD deal with Comedy Central before the holidays are over.

You might find a guy with a mullet asking you, "Are you staying here or are you going downtown, are you dressin' up, are you dressin' down?" for four minutes straight funny... or you might not. But, you have to admit this: The fact that you just paid $10 to stand in a room while a guy in a chicken suit croons fake infomercials... that's kind of funny.