Get Him Eat Him
Thurs July 28
1001 SE Morrison

Though it's not entirely a hard-and-fast rule, there seems to be an unspoken understanding between musicians and music critics that the two are inherently on opposing fronts. Though they may be forced to fraternize with one another, rarely do the two cross over in any significant way--and even more rarely are these intersections successful. There are a handful of arguable exceptions of course: Lenny Kaye, Chrissie Hynde, and Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan were all music critics before their respective musical successes--but for the most part, music made by critics is generally stifled by self-consciousness.

I mention all of this because, in all of the press that has preceded Providence, Rhode Island's indierock quintet Get Him Eat Him, the primary attention has been spent on frontman Matt LeMay's previous gig--that of staff writer at the world's most read music source, Pitchfork. For the record, the GHEH--is a remarkably straightforward (if joyously noisy) indie pop band, the likes of which Pitchfork would probably toss something in the 7.1-7.4 range. It's not quite there yet, but close enough to suggest that LeMay and Co. might eventually defy critic-turned-musician expectations. With LeMay's past allegiances however, it's almost as if people expect GHEH to speak on behalf of Pitchfork--a fact that seems ready to doom the band before they even begin. It's too bad, as there's plenty to suggest that, without the strain of expectation, the band could conceivably grow into a formidable indie force.