Snoop Dogg

Mon July 28

Keller Auditorium

There is no rapper on the planet more legendary than Snoop Dogg and no newspaper more legendary than the Portland Mercury. It's a marriage made in heaven, and therefore only proper that Snoop agreed to answer some of the Mercury staff's most pressing questions via e-mail

DEAR SNOOP: The measures of being a rap mogul--as established by artists like Puffy, and your former boss Master P--appear to be the multi-platinum success, the label imprint and artist stable, clothing line, and other side ventures. This includes restaurants for Puffy and films for yourself, P, and Roc-a-fella. We're now seeing rappers who haven't put their time in, like 50 cent and Fabolous, elevating themselves with these same tools. Do you think they're getting too big for their britches or is this more a sign of hiphop's cultural dominance?--"Sweet" Pete Cornell, Classifieds

DEAR PETE: Definitely a sign of hiphop's dominance. Hiphop gives people a chance to do more than just music, because hiphop is more than just music.

DEAR SNOOP: From who did you learn most of your "mogul skills": Suge Knight or Master P? And as these two seem to be fading, how are you going to continue to elevate your game?--"R-O-Single Bizzle" Thompson, Sales

DEAR BIZZLE: Master P. And I keep my game elevated by re-inventing myself.

DEAR SNOOP: Do you consider yourself the pioneer of the "izzle dizzle" style of speaking? If not, what is the origin of "izzle dizzle"?--Ximena "Madam X" Quiroz, Classifieds

DEAR XIMENA: I brought it mainstream for sure--but it's a way of speaking that's been around for years. It originated in Northern California.

DEAR SNOOP: Will you translate the following sentence into izzle: "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still Jenny from the Block."--"B-RAD" Buckner, Adminstrative Asst.

DEAR B-RAD: "Dizzon't be fooled by the rizzocks that I gizzot. Cuzz I'm still Jizzle from the bizzle foshizzle dizzle."

DEAR SNOOP: I love Doggy Fizzle Televizzle. Do you write most of the sketches yourself?--Aaron "Screwface Baby Killah" Beam, Marketing

DEAR AARON: I don't necessarly write most of them, but I put my twist on everything I do.

DEAR SNOOP: On the Girls Gone Wild video you host, were you the one who came up with the phrase "witness the pandemonium"?--Phil "Dot" Busse, Editorial

DEAR PHIL: Yes, indeed.

DEAR SNOOP: Can you list some of the more exciting amenities of the Snoop Deville?--Katie "Lady La-La" Lake, Classifieds

DEAR KATIE: Mink on the seats and TVs in the headrests are a couple things you can't see from the outside, but other than that, it's "got the diamond in the back, sunroof top, steppin in clean with the gangta lean, ooooh oooh!!!"

DEAR SNOOP: In your opinion, which of the following attributes will be most successful in making a man attractive to the ladies, and why? A) tight ride B) tight game C) tight wardrobe or D) tight cheddar. --Justin "Big Daddy Justified" Sanders, Editorial

DEAR JUSTIN: Tight game fo sho. If your game is tight enough, you don't even need the rest of them.

DEAR SNOOP: I smoke the dope. A lot of dope. Since you don't smoke the dope anymore, can you give me some tips on how to stop smoking the dope?--Wm. Steven "Steve" Humphrey, Editorial

DEAR WM.: Get a workout method going. Stay active. Drink lots of water and believe you are doing the right thing.

DEAR SNOOP: Can you loan me $20?--Lance "DJ Lazer Quik" Chess, Office Manager


DEAR SNOOP: Oddly, last night I had a dream that you and I got busy in a hotel lobby. Eventually you left, but for the rest of the dream I sat alone in my hotel room waiting for you to call. When I finally got tired of waiting and went over to your room to see what was going on, you had four naked women in there with you. Would you characterize this behavior as typical of your dealings with women (pre-marriage of course)? --"K-Shy" Shimer, Editorial

DEAR K-SHY: I hope this question is from a woman. Yeah. That's pretty much how it might go down.