On the last leg of their Brythunian Steel tour, riding high on the success of their hit documentary The Faster You Go Deaf, The More Time You Have To Read --a diary of their tour of the Timberland Library District--Seattle's Blöödhag arrives like a horde of bloodied, undead warriors emerging from the Hellfire. As masters of the cryptic Edu-Core genre, Blöödhag plays extremely short, supportive, and uplifting Death Metal songs about science fiction authors. With the motto "Live to Read, Read to Live," the band's raison d'etre is to educate the unread masses about the wonders of science fiction and to pummel them into Total Literate Submission.

The 'Hag teaches through immersion. Professor J. B. Stratton prefaces each song with a short biography, often engaging the audience for book titles and other information, all in the spirit of intellectual discourse. The lesson begins with the band unleashing eardrum-bleeding sonic madness, with Dr. J.M. McNulty grinding through stolen Metallica and Slayer riffs like steel through flesh, while Sir Zachary Orgel and Ambassador Brent Carpenter maintain an evil chthonic rumbling throughout. Stratton flails around the stage emitting indiscernable growls, shrieks, and jibberings akin to a demonized Linda Blair, with occasional coherent phrases like "Moor--COCK! COCK! COCK!" from "Michael Moorcock," or "even his name is a killing WOORRD!!" from "Frank Herbert."

The point is that rock is stupid and needs to be educated, and Blöödhag is simply here to teach what can often be a painful lesson, as evidenced during a rousing chorus of "Ooo Aah Ursula" from "Ursula K. LeGuin," when Stratton opens up a suitcase on stage and begins throwing books at the audience. Beyond the rare concussion, a message must be getting through--the books are always gone at the end of the show.

Science Fiction. Death Metal. Umlauts. Getting beaned in the head with The Lord of the Rings. What could be better? Get off your lazy ass, put away your Magic cards, and join the 'Hag's legions of the damned.