GOING SWIMMINGLY: Aquaman's famed and fabulous Soul Stew night debuts this Wednesday at its new home (Ohm, every Wed thereafter).

What's your most anal retentive trait?

"Checking E-Bay for the funk 45" selection."

Have you had a really triumphant record purchase?

"Every new record is a triumph...I'm literally like a child, because every new record I get is the Best Record Ever."

Do you wish people would dress up for Soul Stew?

"It's always fun when people dress up, because then I know they didn't step into it by accident."

Marvin Gaye or Otis Redding?

"Marvin Gaye...he's a little darker. Well, both of them are great."

Al Green prior to conversion or post-conversion?

"Prior to conversion! Al Green rocks."

What's your favorite pet cause?

"I am anti-pet cause. I get pissed when I see Portland developing a paradise for crack dealers, like the bus malls downtown."

-Lynn Collins, "Mama Feelgood"

-Edwyn Starr, "25 Miles"

-King Curtis, "Memphis Soul Stew"