DJ Weegee came up under the shadow of Paisley Park, and apparently Minneapolis had a little funk left over for this blender of sexy rhythms. After getting his start at the Jasmine Tree's Hypnotica monthly just over five years ago, he has wrecked dance floors at Bar of the Gods, Holocene, Ground Kontrol, and Dunes to name a few. He's also the reason you can't find that hot disco plate you've been looking for at Reverb Records, because he works there. Damn.

You like to switch up styles; where's your head at right now?

Listeners and dancers have a shorter attention span than they did back in the day. I try to make my mixes as interesting as possible with nothing more than two turntables, but just short of actual turntablism. Right now there's obviously a renewed interest in all things '80s. That stuff is sexy and really engaging. I try to create a contemporary version of a typical Paradise Garagem, Hacienda, or Funhouse set. Equal parts black new wave, white new wave, dark synth, disco, boogie, freestyle, disco, hip hop, punk, and whatnot. It's fun. It's all the same music anyway--it's all on the one [count]. In house, the one is literally on the one; in boogie and freestyle, it's on the two. It's all 4/4. You can mix just about anything if you have skills and practice.

You travel a lot; what keeps you headquartered in Portland?

I like to travel. That way you pick up a lot of records that hadn't ever been distributed outside of that area. I bought a house, so now I gotta stay. What's hot in Portland and where people are the most clued-in is at parties; local clubs would do well to pay attention. Parties are where it's at right now in Portland in '04. The clubs often don't have real music lovers in attendance; it's underground. The mad dancing and carrying on and the general hotness that I see in Portland is happening right up next to some fool's washer and dryer and furnace, or up in the living room.

Top 5?

Damn! Only 5?

Leroy Burgess--"You've Got That Something"

Kano--"I'm Ready"

Vernon Burch--"Get Up"

Terri Gonzales--"Born A Winner"

Raydio--"Still In The Groove"