WHO: DJ Clearcut plays hip hop underground, old school breaks, funk, disco, jazz, downbeats, or whatever he's feeling. He'll be spinning regularly at the new PDX techno/electronic venue House of Grooves, located at 13 NW 13th.

Do you get a lot of annoying requests?

Always, like 98 Degrees or something terrible. I'm way up above the stage now and I built a new DJ booth with a locking door. You need to know the code to get in. Good idea, huh?

Do you do weddings?

Sure, I'll do anything for a paycheck. I'm flexible. When are you getting married?

What's your favorite butt rock band?

That'd have to be Mötley Crue. I sample their shit into hip hop sometimes.

Anything else you want to be?

I'm a jack of all trades, or that's what it says on my business card. I do booking, promotions, graphic design, sales, distribution, publishing; is that enough?

Describe a movie scene for which you could see your music as background.

Open heart surgery. Like, I'd like to see a lot of people handing each other instruments... especially the bone saw. The bone saw'd be cool.

Favorite artists?

Temporary favorites: Reflection Eternal, Proz & Conz, KRS-One, Styles of Beyond.