1201 Club-Davebot, Lotion Pimp

Bar 71-DJ Madd 1

Blue Note-Admix Sound-rig Collective w/poet Norval D.

Club DV8 -Propa PDX w/Kyle T & Magneto

Cobalt-Xotica-Go-Go starring DJ Mestizo and guests, $5

Fernando's Hideaway-Salsa Dancing

Lotus-DJ Groove

* Madame Butterfly-Zac Love et Jazzfunk, jazz, soul

Matador -DJ Nocturne

Paragon-Spinner Enrique

Quest-DJ Mafia, DJ Richard J

Ringlers Annex-DJ tt boy

Saucebox-DJ Alexis

* Stephano's-Rev. Shines, Sly the Brown Hornet spin hiphop, funk, soul, house

Suki's Groove-DJ Nosaj , 2401 SW 4th, $3-5

* Tonic Lounge-Oldominion Nightcrawlers starring Oldominion and many emcees


1201 Club-Jambalaya

* B Complex-Heaven at the B: Nathan Bixel, Maximus, Theory, Zion, Elektrokid, 10 pm, $8-6, All Ages

Bar 71-DJ Groove

Boulevard Cafe-Adapt, Cansaman, YT

Fernando's Hideaway-Salsa Dancing

* Goodfoot-Soul Stew avec DJ Aquaman

Klub Z-DJ Jeremy/DJ Danny Diess, $7, All Ages

Lotus-DJ Madd 1, DJ Richard J

* Madame Butterfly-Cheesy Mack: underground House

Matador -DJ Harlock, free

Ohm-Housework, DJ Dazy, The Mixtress, guests, $8

Paragon-Mix Master Joel

Quest- DJ Mafia

Saucebox-DJ Onelove

Seges-Reggae, Hiphop, R&B w/DJ Ital Vibes, guests

Stephano's-old school funk, soul, hiphop

Suki's Groove-DJ Nosaj, 2401 SW 4th, $3-5


1201 Club-The Big M

Bar 71-DJ Groove

* Bitter End-KPSU Support: Miles, Shortchange, Elliott

Fernando's Hideaway-Salsa Dancing

* Klub Z-DJ Jeremy/DJ Danny Diess, $7, All Ages

Lotus-DJ Madd 1, Live broadcast on 95.5, DJ Richard J

* Madame Butterfly-Zac Love: Minimal House, field recordings, samples, downtempo

Martini Lounge-DJ Discotek, 1635 SE 7th

Matador -DJ Harlock, free

Paragon-House DJ Enrique

Saucebox-Mr. Mu Mu

Seges-Tropical Grooves with DJ Felix

Stephano's-Vinyl Frontier: Fremont Slim, DMP, Rev. Shines

Suki's Groove-DJ Nosaj, 2401 SW 4th, $3-5

* A Supper Club-DJ Joel Skool, Brad Vachal, JT Donaldson, 8 pm, $10-20


1201 Club-Ravi

Berbati's Pan-DJ Bricolage Selector (restaurant); Original Fetish Night

Cobalt Lounge-Sunday School, $5

* Ohm-Crush (jungle): DJs Rico, Jenna, Drunken Monkey

Seges-Heavenly w/DJ Velo, guests

Stephano's-First Sermon: Fremont Slim, DMP, Rev. Shines


* Blackbird-New Rotic, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm, free

* Crystal Ballroom-DJ Mello Cee, All Ages

Matador -DJ Marantic spinning classics from 1976

* Seges-Word of Mouth w/DJ Dr. Dus, guests

* Tiger Bar-It Just Is w/ Keane, Deena spinning underground/abstract/eclectic hiphop


* Blackbird-The Incredible Kid & DJ Anjali, free

Cobalt Lounge-Phat Tuesday, $10

Ringlers Annex-DJ David Miranda

Saucebox-DJ Selector E3

* Tonic Lounge-Seoul Brother No. 1, Fremont Slim


1201 Club-Bobby Bossa

* Beulahland-Bobby Terrell's Soul Authentic, free

Cobalt Lounge-Bobby Troup's "Space," $5

Heaven -Funny House for Funny People w/DJ Tronic

La Rumba-Cuban Casino Rueda Dancing

Lotus-DJ Madd 1

Paragon-Stuart Wyland Trio

Saucebox-DJ Onelove

Seges-Salsa Night w/DJ Osbaldo

Shanghai Tunnel-DJ Mister B

* Tonic Lounge-Wicked Wednesday