Lateef the Truth Speaker
Sat March 19
Berbati's Pan
10 SW 3rd

Lateef the Truth Speaker got himself one helluva handle. And with a name like that you gotta come correct, correct? Luckily, the Oaktown MC is in fact as truthful as it gets--and as part of the legendary Quannum Projects collective, there is a certain standard of skill, sincerity, and soulfulness that we've rightfully come to expect. Back in '96, Latryx's inaugural offering was a head-spinning jolt of originality that stood out even amidst the underground renaissance that was occurring during the jiggy-era backlash. Featuring some of the most incredible chemistry heard since the gods RUN-DMC, the intertwining cadences and indelible consciousness of Lateef and Lyrics Born instantly set off alarm bells worldwide, earning their first effort classic status.

Fast-forward nine years… Quannum, not missing a beat since the Solesides days, has only strengthened their rep as pure purveyors of hiphop innovation via a long string of quality releases--including Lyrics Born's stellar solo Later That Day and now Ambush, the long awaited album from Lateef & The Chief (aka Maroons). Chief Xcel's future-shock funk beats bang like we've never heard of Blackalicous, and the Truth Speaker hasn't lost a single lyrical step: his scatting sliding from skittish to smooth and back with ease--malleable flow dipping, dripping with b-boy dictums.

Lateef is indeed in a rarefied stratum--and much like his co-head Gift Of Gab's album, the only place he's going is up. Now act like you know.