SONIC YOUTH The geezers are back and ready for the get down.
Sonic Youth Wolf Eyes
Thurs July 15
Crystal Ballroom

2 W Burnside

And then we all went deaf.

So their flecks of gray or completely white manes aren't anything new when you consider the way Sonic Youth have sunk into our collective consciousness. (Who can remember what they look liked when they were young, anyway?) But seeing the geezers do their whole shake-the-shit-out-of-my-guitar-like-it's-on-fire shtick another time as they rebound on this hastily booked tour (following Lollapalooza's cancellation), you know they aren't going to surprise or convert anyone new. Sonic Nurse, the gazillionth disc in their hundred-year-long career, still found release through Geffen this past June, even though it didn't let any of us down or find the noise-rock pioneers particularly coming up; it was just another purdy site on a road that's getting straighter and straighter with each passing day. But Sonic Nurse's song about Mariah Carey is probably the best song written about Mariah Carey since The Eminem Show. You know, there is that.

But you may just want to sit through handpicked openers Wolf Eyes--who probably won't make nice with the adults waiting for an encore of "Teenage Riot" while their very adult knees go sore. This is a band whose most accessible work was a dance song--that was remixed by Andrew W.K. Recently signed to Sub Pop and with a thrashtastic inaugural disc titled Burned Mind due out in September, the Michigan-based threesome may not make Deerhoof sound like Hillary Duff in comparison, but there are moments on their forthcoming longplayer that are just straight up unlistenable. (Do you always have to start with that fucked up keyboard of yours?) So I guess it basically comes down to calling a thrashy artcore band a thrashy artcore band, as we all know that aside from a very slim margin of collector nerds and rock critics (like there's a difference) no one actually listens to Wolf Eyes records: They sit slackjawed at their live shows. Holding a tall can of Coors.