WHUDDA EVENIN'--y'all betta belieb I had gittin' my narrow bee-hind all kindsa jiggly wiggly to this full loada Philly SOUL! Whoo...I SWEAR, this one schwanky handfulla o' Jamie/ Guyden back-catalog reissues... y'all, they the folks who helped educate our WORLD on 'at phamous Philly git-down sound!

Okay, firsta the bunch I spun was Mister Fantastic Johnny C.'s Boogaloo Down Broadway LP, a "YELL-pee" if I EVER heard one! Damn, he served uppa big-assed slab o' Prime Rib "git it, git it, git it," with alla the fixin's! An', tho' this come out 30 years ago, it held up--how could the muthafugga NOT...it fulla Fantastic's STRONG single sides! Hey, alla y'all needa get this, 'cause I KNOW it ain't gonna hurt NOBODY to "Hitch It to the Horse."

Secondly was The Ambassadors' Soul Summit LP! DAMMIT!! I wish I'da known 'bout these fellas befo' NOW!! But that ain't my fault--fuck "oldies" stations everywhere fer NOT spinnin' 'em! Anyways, I was thrilled to dig such fine soul fulla "sensual" groove appeal, like, they got "pop" a li'l like The Impressions pristine arrangin', and the longer this played, the better it got, 'specially the stomp-ravin' live tracks!!!

Next, I dug upon thee Miss Brenda and the Tabulations' Dry Your Eyes LP. 'Course, befo' hearin' this, I'd done "danced" with Miss Brenda, as I own some o' her singles, but in terms o' diggin' her Long Play appeal...meow. I was, however, sooprised to find some almost gritty R&B action mixed with polished "pop." Oh, mind yer attitude 'bout the covers too--this WAS '67 'n' standard procedure inna singles-driven market. By the way, tho' Brenda from Philly, y'all Mod o' the Northern Soul descent take note, she got the REAL squeal!

Finally, was a buncha fo'dee fibes digitized on aluminum 'n' named Philly Original Soul Classics: Storm Warning, Vol. 1. Uh...if this the warning, I cain't WAIT fer the STORM! This a SOLID, well-paced soul collection spannin' '64-'71, which cut MY mustard...like a flame-thrower! I'd say mo', but I cain't waste no mo time...I gotta go find alla these songs on the popular 45 format.

Now, if you got a persistent hankerin' fer a hunk o' GROOVE, ain't no reason to skip any o' these! Oh...if y'all wonderin', there oughta be MORE comin'!