by Jennifer Maerz

Zeigenbock Kopf Fri May 2, Million

Sat May 3, Satyricon

It started with a videotape, passed through the underground last fall like a piece of hot cult property (which it is).

Marked with orange tape and labeled "Zeigenbock Kopf" in black Sharpie, the tape contained two videos by the act of the same name. The music was a mix of smutty ghettotech and bass attacks--noise that threatens to cannibalize your speakers after it blows them out like a suicide bomber in your stereo.

Then, a couple months ago, a CD came out on KimoSciotic Records. Titled I.D.M. ("I Dig Men"), the record is 100 percent macho man-on-man action. It's the soundtrack for techno-Kraut gutter sluts, made by three "Germans" from San Francisco--Hans and Uli Bunschlapen, and Meister Detlef--and who recently released a second, equally fucked-up record called Nocturnal Submissions on Tigerbeat6.

Hans says he came up with the idea for Zeigenbock Kopf because of the testosterone excess already invading his other band's shows (Dig That Body Up It's Alive, but he was also in Pink & Brown). "I started realizing that I wasn't liking the shows because they were all dudes bro-ing down and shit and no girls were getting in the mix.'" He decided the next logical step was to make music specifically for men. "For that much man-on-man power, you had to step over into the German industrial theme, the most manly music of all time," he says.

Live, the band has only played a couple shows, which have both pissed off those who didn't get the parody and emboldened those who did. "I had one guy suck my dick at a show and that didn't bother me," he says. "It seemed to freak other people out more than me." Hans says the shows are getting more "antics-ridden."

"In the end, I want to take this to such an extreme that nobody can do this again because we ruined it for them," laughs Hans. "I want it to be like, 'Okay, we sang about butts and balls so much that nobody wants to think about it anymore.'"