Starbass Records on Burnside has long stocked a wide assortment of dance records. But recently, the owners have decided to take the plunge and start their own boutique label, Starbass Records. Their debut 12" release features three super-minimal, fun, techy house tracks from local DJ/producers CNS Engineering. "Drip," centers around a gloopy dollop of sub-bass and tiny barking trembles of funk which segue into a plateau of echos. On the very neat, concise "For Some Reason," clicking slap-rhythms sound almost like a live tap dancer, with vacuum-packed breakdowns and marble-like clicks. It's a fun album, and its playful percussion also makes for a pretty effective dance floor warmer.

Starbass' second release is a three-way between Mole of Soul, Davebot, and AC$. Mole of Soul's "Lonely Indeed" opens with a spoony techno beat tempered by very subtle breakdowns, such as the whimpering of bells and a bridge of robotics and hole-punching bass. What sounds like a chainsaw zips throughout the counter-rhythms as they build to a layered and cohesive end; this counters nicely with the smooth, sexy melodic house of AC$'s "In the Box." On "Everyday," Starbass co-owner Davebot mixes sophisticated, high-hat heavy techno and a mysterious chorus of whispered vocals, sampled from Sexual Harrassment's 1982 track "I Need a Freak": "I NEED A FREAK TO TREAT ME RIGHT! EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT!" I'd say they're off to a pretty good start.