It's Who You Know, Zac Pennington's weekly discourse on the music industry, is nowhere to be seen this week because Zac has an icky staff infection on his leg and is doped up on antibiotics. While it's annoying not to be able to read Zac's normally entertaining and educational column... trust us. You wouldn't want to read it this week anyway. It would just contain a lot of stupid nonsense that would remind you of listening to your bong-huffing college roommate ramble on for hours on end about nothing in particular. Then, even though it's clearly the fault of Zac's medication that made him write such a stupid column, you couldn't help but lose a little respect for him--isn't that right? It might take weeks or months for you to read Zac's column without thinking about how stupid he sounded that one week when his leg was all infected and his body was racked with chills and fever. By the way, if you think you may have a staff infection on your leg, don't wait too long before having it treated. You'll have to miss days of work, and if you write a column, the empty space will probably be taken up by an insensitive editor who gives the reader far too much information on your personal life, instead of simply saying, "Zac is sick this week; join him next Thursday for a new edition of It's Who You Know." -- Wm. Steven Humphrey