With the news of a fresh venue shake-up rolling in virtually every week for the past few months, it's evident that the ground has yet to entirely settle beneath the rocky foundation of Portland's club community. Amidst closures, turnovers, and various reclamations, Portland's club scene--and particularly its all-ages scene--remains perilously uncertain.

With nearly two months behind Meow Meow's official closure, Loveland--the initially promising venue that's taken its place--remains something of a massive question mark. The space has stayed relatively quiet since its February first take-over--its sparse calendar hosting only a handful of shows a week, booked in large part by outside promoters. This week brought news that Chantelle Hylton, who had been doing double-duty as booker for both the fledgling club and Berbati's Pan, has officially jumped ship from Loveland amidst communication problems. Meanwhile, Loveland manager Mike Wolfson assures that the venue is close to finding its footing, thanks to its new booker, former Touch and Go employee and recent Portland import Drew Wilson.

As reported a couple of weeks ago ["Once More With Feeling," Feb. 24], Nocturnal is doing away with its downstairs bar as of April 22nd--a move that coincides with the venue's decision to all but phase out rock shows in favor of dance and rental events. Long-time Nocturnal show promoter Seann McKeel remains on staff as events coordinator, and plans to loan some of her expertise toward setting up occasional shows for ACME, a restaurant and bar in shallow Southeast that's recently begun hosting music events. In similar makeover news, the Bossanova is finally implementing its plans to convert from an "events-only venue [into] that of a turn of the century social club--with a little 21st-Century flair." As of April, the space will no longer focus on large events, a move which seems to primarily mean nixing the space's fairly regular schedule of Thrasher-promoted shows.

Adding insult to all-ages injury, the fire marshal has put the kibosh on the recently relocated hardcore hotspot Davey Jones Locker--a step apparently provoked by complaints from surrounding neighbors. Pegged by some as a potential successor to the Meow Meow, the all ages venue moved into its new digs at 82nd and Hawthorne just last month, and already they're on the hunt for a new locale. In the meantime, shows are being diverted to Solid State and, conceivably, Loveland.

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