Less than a year since splitting from his two-year tenure at Ash Street Saloon for a go at Conan's--taking with him Thorn City Improv, the popular weekly hiphop night that regularly features representatives from Boom Bap Project and Oldominion--Runaway Productions booker Anthony Sanchez recently saw the club's sudden close. It's Who You Know recently chatted with Sanchez via email to check in on the future of Thorn City, and just what might be going on at the Conan's space.

Can you explain what is happening at Conan's? Are they officially closing?

Conan's was officially closedas ofThursday June 30th. I don't know all the details, but the owners had been looking to sell their lease.They never expected for the club to close so quickly, but for certain legal reasons, it had to go down this way. There's a lot of work that goesintoowning andrunning a club, and I think they were just tired of being club owners. They owna couple of other bars here in town, and I think they were just ready to concentrate on their other businesses. It was a great run while it lasted, and they loved being apart of Portland's great music scene.The club has been bought by a company called The Hawthorne Entertainment Group who plan to reopen it after a little bit of renovation. I've heard mixed stories about their plans, but I'm not totally sure how they're changing the space. One thing I've heard is that they would like to reopen theclub as an all ages venue.

Are the shows booked into July still going to happen?

I think most of them are still going to happen. I have a few more shows I still need to find venues for, but I have found homes for most ofmy shows--now it's just a matter of getting the word out about the changes.

What's the future of Thorn City?

I still need to talk to the guys and see what's next for us. This month is Thorn City's three-year anniversary, and some of the guys have been very busy of late--Sleep just got signed to Upabove Records, and Destro's crew Boom Bap Project just got signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. As long as they want to continue Thorn City, I'm going to continue working with them.