I'm hearing gossip pounding like African drums, dark rumblings echoing from basements in Southeast, blasting out from porches in North Portland. After 11 years, the Dandy Warhols may be breaking up! Deepthroatic sources say the band is "super bummed" by the reaction to their latest record, Odditorium or Warlords of Mars (which www.pitchforkmedia.com gave a nasty 1.2), and are considering moving on. This may be lies or blasphemous rumors; we'll keep you updated.

In happier news—because everything from Japan is happy—the "Japan Girls' Night" tour is hitting Towne Lounge November 10, featuring Red Bacteria Vacuum, AMPPEZ, and former Suicide Girls' burlesque tour backing band TsuShiMaMiRe.

Happy John Peel Day! This Thursday, October 13 marks the one-year anniversary of Peel's final show. The Incredible Kid and DJ Anjali will throw down an eclectic set of Peelish music at Berbati's Restaurant. Says Kid, "Anjali and I were both musical Anglophiles years before becoming DJs and we both appreciated John Peel's role as a champion of new music, not just because it was new music, but because it was music about which he was passionate."

Just announced: The new Gossip record is dropping January 24, with the first single featuring a remix by Le Tigre and cover art by Kim Gordon. Standing in the Way of Control was produced by Guy from Fugazi, making this a huge, ridiculous hipster blowout. Don't let that queer the deal, though; the Gossip is a soulful fucking freight train when it's on.

Portland's mamas need your help. On Saturday, October 15 Berbati's is hosting a show to benefit Rock 'n' Roll Mamas, an in-progress documentary about Portland's moms who play music. Performers include Swan Island, Ms. Su'ad, the Trykes, Sado-Nation, D-Joy and DJ Beyonda. Says Ms. Su'ad, "I wanted to put somethin' on that showcased hiphop, rock, some good ol' P-town emo pop, DJs, and everything in between. When you ask people what kind of music they like people always say 'everything.' So shit, come out and prove it then."

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