So, last week I reported on a post from writer Jessica Hopper's site about American Apparel owner Dov Charney's supposed sexist business practices. Due to an editorial flub up, the quote I used was attributed to both Hopper and Jane magazine. The quote was, in fact, all Hopper's, as Charney pointed out when he emailed me late Friday. He also got a hold of Hopper who will be posting excerpts from her conversation with him shortly at Also, Charney wanted y'all to know the lawsuits held against him are still pending and, y'know, innocent until proven guilty is the American way...

What isn't American, what's totally UNAMERICAN is Sleater-Kinney canceling their upcoming tour because of Carrie Brownstein's allergies. A post on their site explains, "Sleater-Kinney regretfully must cancel their November European dates on account of medical issues. Guitarist/singer Carrie Brownstein has suffered two severe allergic reactions within the past four months, both resulting in trips to the emergency room." I'm not buying it. I think something's up. Carrie, you can totally borrow my Allegra if you want. (I have THREE refills.) Lemmie know.

Speaking of something being up, this week fucking RULES for shows. We got the recently reunited Tristeza at Doug Fir on Friday; Caitlin Cary, David Dondero (who was Conor Oberst's kinda sorta mentor), and Roman Candle at Doug fir on Sunday. WHY? at Loveland on Tuesday, and my fucking FIERCE guilty pleasure Anna Nalick at Arlene Schnitzer Hall that same night. Shitty thing is, she's playing with that ridiculous douchebag Rob Thomas.

Portland-influx news: San Francisco-based label Badman Recordings will be pulling up its tent stakes and moving here in a couple months. Badman has released records from the Innocence Mission, Hayden, the Posies, and tons more. Just recently, Badman did the vinyl for My Morning Jacket's psych epic, Z. Stoked to have 'em in town, definitely.

In not so stoked news, Portland Tribune music editor (and former Mercury contributor) Amy Vecchione is stepping down from her post to concentrate on other projects, including touring with the totally rad Monster Dudes, her solo thing Macaw, and—this sucks for us—moving to Boise. Says Amy, "I'm also starting a label where I am encasing releases in things like ice, ant farms, and baked muffins." YES!

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