Hello, fall. Hello, cold weather. Hello, streets filled with yellow leaves. Hello kickass stuff to do: This week we got puppets! Puppets are fucking ugly, retarded, and creepy, right? Not when it's Saturday's Indie Puppet Night at Acme. Bruce Orr started the night to give local puppeteers an avenue for no-holds-barred, uncensored puppetry. Says the puppetman, "There's more than just the Muppets and Crank Yankers out there. This Indie Puppet Night will feature two shadow puppet shows, a slutty poodle puppet, and two other acts, with some great music to boot." If Bears Were Bees, the Listening Group, and Skyscraper will play.

Another great show goes down on Sunday at Dunes with LA feminist punx the Sharp Ease. I know what you're saying, who gives a crap about LA and its soulless, fake-titted, Tom Cruisian, Hollywood freak show? Singer Paloma Parfrey says LA gets a bad rap. "Hollywood and Los Angeles are two entirely different things. We're from Los Angeles, that means we're a tough salad tossed between your ears and toes."

Also this week are Tokyo/San Diegan spazz rockers Dmonstrations. The three-piece, which plays Friday at Food Hole, is free-noise wild-style vis-à-vis guitar shredding that's like nu-guitar virtuoso Jon Robert Quinn smacked down by Mexican wrestlers and the Swamp Thing. Says singer/guitarist Tetsunori Tawaraya, "You will have wide open eyeballs at this show. I am going to face paint with barefoot, play most fucked-up shit in the world."

New label news! Smells Delicious records owner Aljon Reyes says, "Smells Delicious releases Portland make-out music. I started the label in order to promote some of my favorite artists like Tractor Operator, Alexis Stevens and Dragging an Ox Through Water."

Death to emo! Portland's Drats!!! are throwing an end-of-the-eeem-as-we-know-it show, "Over the Emo," at Acme on Friday. According to Drats!!! leader Jeffrey Couch, "The show will be kind of like an AA meeting, but instead of getting over alcohol, you'll be getting over the emo (and probably drinking alcohol). We're fucking sick of these pseudo-ironic velveteen scumbags, so prepare for the new rock 'n' roll revolution." T-ReXXXa and Scuffle & Dustcough also play.

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Face paint with barefoot: