Thanksgiving's coming and Blitzen Trapper have a shit-ton to be thankful for. First off they inked a licensing deal with Good Time Folk, who will release their wonderful Field Rexx album in the UK. The band also just finished their third record and are now shopping it around to labels here in the States. If you wanna get in on the Blitzen pre-blowup, they'll be opening for the Dandy Warhols on December 14 at Crystal Ballroom.

A local artist who probably won't be opening for the Dandies anytime soon (in a good way) is Copy. His new album will be out on Audio Dregs early next year, but for now he's finished a series of eight-bit electro remixes of R&B pop divas. The recording, which includes remixes of people like Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige, will be distributed on CD-R with artwork by E*Rock.

Sooo, there's no segue on earth that can lead into this next one. Rouge Wave is playing Berbati's on Thursday and I asked singer Zach Rouge about the last time they played Portland. Behold: "[We] were at the Doug Fir. In the middle of our set, six different strip joints opened up shop inside the venue. I asked the front-of-house engineer what was happening, and then he started stripping. I couldn't believe it. So I turned around to the band, and they weren't there. I went back into the dressing room to find them, and they were sitting in on a 'how-to-start-your-own-strip-club-in-15-minutes-or-less' seminar by the Helio Sequence. That was actually kind of cool."

Speaking of segues and stripping, there's nothing better than stripping away everything you know about making music and relearning from the ground up. Amanda Kelly is offering music lessons for experienced musicians. Says Amanda, "I guess one of the things I end up teaching a lot of people is how to focus on the elements of music, as drilling and mastering these elements is what leads to better musicianship." Contact Amanda at 775-9647.

Finally, gossip sources report a well-known hardcore singer, notorious for being a super militant vegan, was recently spied wolfing down a fat juicy steak at the Original Hotcake and Steak House on Powell. First email identifying the dude wins a steak-themed It's Who You Know one-inch button set.

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