As we roll balls-deep into the holidays, it looks like Portland bands are getting some early Kwanza presents. Local duo Swallows has signed to Sarah Dougher's label Cherchez la Femme Projects. Their debut CD will be produced by Radio Sloan (ex-the Need) in February. Swallows play Tuesday at Porky's Pub.

If you missed psych-folk pioneer Donovan's show at Aladdin last week, you're totally bummed. I talked to the dude himself before the show and asked how he felt about the new breed of much-hyped psychedelic folksingers. Says Donovan, "I met Devendra [Banhart] in Ireland, finally, when he played in Cork City. Yes, I know his music, and that I'm recognized as a main influence on his work. I like him very much and hope to do something with him next year." He also said he was glad to be back in Portland and that he's happy the Aladdin Theater has "been saved from the wrecking ball."

If you wanna see Portland's version of Donovanish noize, 2% Majesty plays Towne Lounge on Monday. In other best-show-ever news, make sure to hit up Food Hole on Friday for Avenue of the Strongest, Swan Island, Take the Blame and Plasmic Stallion—the latter of which was formed at a recent Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls.

Music/film crossover news: Anna Fidler and Philip Cooper present their new installation art film (felt shapes placed in natural settings) Fajada Strands at Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery on Thursday. Fiddler says she and Cooper began shooting the film on a road trip to Mexico where they "brought a few rolls of film, the Super 8 camera, and a brown paper bag of felt." The Sensualists will be playing beforehand, celebrating the release of Music from Fajada Strands, which they appear on.

Finally, there's many kinds of gossip in gossipworld. So far, in my columnist stint I've given you the nasty side: break-up rumors, rabid STDs, vegan backsliders, the Real World: Portland. This time, it's happy gossip. Word around the campfire is there's a new all-ages club set to open this coming spring. We've had some rough times in the all-ages scene these past couple years, and it looks like the people behind this one are hoping to bring a little justice for the kids. Let's hope this isn't total BS.

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