Local Music News and Angsty Suicide Girl Glares

I'd like to welcome 2006 into the world. Thanks for coming. You're lookin' good so far. Still, you got some big shoes to fill. Last year was great; don't fuck it up. AND if you're anything like that sputtering diarrhea spurt 2004, I'm gonna bust your grill out with a steak tenderizer. That's a promise.

So, the first local music news of 2006: The PDF-only 'zine Portland Culture Reviews + News has another issue out and it's a funny little bastard. In this issue, they review venues (on Loveland, "Beware! That cute girl is barely legal and full of angsty suicide girl [sic] glares that leave you hypnotized so she can steal yr $$ and snuck-in booze"), Rollerball's set at the Crack Press anniversary ("... I swear that one of them mouthed the word "FAG" at me."), and editorializings about the "ladies of Portland." Email pdxcultzine@gmail.com for a copy.

In CD release news, the street date for Talkdemonic's new one, Beat Romantic, has been moved back to March 21. Talkdemonic's Kevin O'Conner emails to say he'll be having a record release party sometime around then. There are some viciously good shows coming up over the next few weeks. We got Weird Weeds at Berbati's on January 12. Colin Meloy plays solo at Aladdin on January 19. Also, way off in the dim and distant future, Black Mountain side-band Pink Mountaintops will be at Doug Fir (whose lunchtime tomato soup is out of this fucking world!) on March 8. Also—because I'm a fucking pig with food on my mind 24 hours a day—don't forget Voodoo Doughnut has live music or DJs every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 10:30 pm and running an hour. They specialize in the "weird." This is good.

Holocene's had some great shows lately. Starting with Castanets, 2% Majesty, and Phosphorescent back on Thanksgiving eve, they've been giving the holiday no-fun zone a run for its money. As said a friend from Olympia, "Holocene's the best place in Portland to see a show on mushrooms." Also mark your calendars for the Fryk Beat record release show on Friday the 13th with Bobby Birdman, Copy, Panther, and Truckasaurus. Me, I'm staying inside. Friday the 13th. Fuck that noise.

Send your best angsty Suicide Girl glares to: adam@portlandmercury.com