So, there's piles of local music news this week. Stacks. Great leaning, tottering, sky-high towers dotted with condor nests, fearless window washers, and wide-eyed suicidal, SAD-addled dotcommers. First off, make sure to check out this month's issue of Spin (Strokes cover) for a big investigative piece on the Suicide Girls by none other than ex-Mercury Arts Editor Julianne Shepherd, who along with Jessica Hopper, writes about a group of disgruntled ex-models who feel they were unfairly treated by the site's web developer, Sean Suhl.

The Bats from the Pyramids of Egypt are not breaking up. Bats keyboardist Abe writes to say despite what you might've heard they're simply takin' some time off. The band's next show will be February 11 at Berbati's. Go to to check out the band that describes itself as "vampires with chainsaws for hands riding motorcycles shaped like flaming unicorns with machine guns instead of horns."

BUT all is not well for the Volumes, who are breaking up. Says singer/guitarist Morgan Schick, "After two and a half years, obscure local rock 'n' rollers the Volumes are cashing in the chips (and find themselves in the hole). We'd like to extend a hearty thank you to the Mercury, the clubs, and both fans for their unflagging support."

Congratulations are in order for local photographer Juliana Tobón, who recently came out of "retirement" and has been shooting beautiful photos for bands and non-music makers alike. Keep an eye out for her stuff. Congrats, as well, to local musician turned comic artist Alex Cahill, whose gorgeous new book, The Last Island, comes out in April and, and, AND congrats to the folks who run the Goodfoot, who are celebrating five years of hosting live music and serving good food and booze to Portlanders. Goodfoot's anniversary party is February 25.

Final congrats go to Chantelle Hylton for re-starting her booking/promo company, Blackbird Presents, hot on the heels of her Berbati's blowout. Upcoming Blackbird Presents shows include TV on the Radio at the Crystal, Numbers at Towne Lounge, and one of my favorites of 2005, Akron/Family.

Finally, head over to's Blog­town, USA forums to discuss whatever you wanna discuss. The music forum is called "Inside Your Ear"; recent topics have included Scarlett Johansson's tits, Absolut Vodka, and naked celebrity photos—and some music stuff too. Some.