If I go to ONE MORE party where ONE MORE bitter, spiteful, bored slimebag tells me "live music in Portland sucks these days," I will deliver said slimebag a murderous, wine-bottle smash to the skull. For conclusive evidence that there's always good music happening, step outside your comfort zone and find salvation in the Akron/Family, the Extraordinaires, Numbers, Hustler White, Argumentix, Schoolyard Heroes, and Nudity. All are playing this week. Check out our Up & Comings on page 23 for details.

Dallas Davis from Dead by Sundown writes to tell us about Loveland's local showcase on Sunday nights. He says it's mostly metal and hardcore bands and invites everybody to come on out.

Label news: Grey Sky Records is leaving Portland. Owner Jason Johnson says he and his wife are "mostly moving for personal reasons. We are about to have our first child and we're ready for some change. We love Portland and will miss it a lot, but California has more job opportunities and all of my family is down in the Bay Area." Jason says the label was in jeopardy for a while but he's kept it afloat, recently releasing a split LP with Science of Yabra and Life at These Speeds.

Levi Cecil from Heroes and Villains has a new band he says is something along the lines of This Heat, the Who, or the Minutemen. Originally billed as Leviathan, Cecil explains the newly dubbed Brass Eye: "Adam and Scott from H&V were kind enough to back me up on a solo gig recently. It is now a BAND, son. If you enjoy skronky, jazz-tinged punkish music come check it out. If you love H&V, you might not necessarily dig these sods." See what he's talking about Thursday at Towne Lounge.

Finally, have you fucking seen issue three of Mike McGonigal's colossally great YETI Magazine?! 240 pages, interviews with Skaters! and William S. Burroughs, a comp CD featuring unreleased tracks by Devendra Banhart, Postal Service, and Iron and Wine! And now this, an art opening showcasing the issue's artists. Running February 2-26 at Valentine's, Yummy Fur: A YETI Magazine Group Show features work by folks like E*Rock, Chris Johansen, and Tara Jane O'Neill. Valentine's is in the alleyway next to Berbati's. McGonigal will DJ the opening party.

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