Lotta shit this week, so let's get rolling. First up, Please Step Out of the Vehicle signed to Lucky Madison, which will release the band's debut CD soon as they can pile into the studio. Meantime, singer Travis Pants says they're working on a split EP with Point Juncture, WA and have recently souped up their practice space, which has "been painted to resemble the set of a children's show from the '70s. This will, no doubt, enhance our creativity and imaginations." Pants and Alan Singley will play a collaborative set at the North Portland Pix on Tuesday.

Big apologies to the Artistery; last week we printed the wrong date for their Calvin Johnson show. Also, they've since moved to a new location at 4315 SE Division. This Friday, Aaron Shepherd from Metal will be playing solo, along with Decoro, Anne Phillip, and Tim and Matt. Action starts at 8 pm.

Speaking of action, Joe Kelly (ex-31Knots) writes to say he, Charlie Salas-Humaras (The Planet The, Panther), and Maggie Vail (the Bangs) have started a new band called Leti Angel. Kelly says they'll be recording soon as Salas-Humaras gets back from touring with the Gossip.

This Friday, Chris Funk from the Decemberists is playing in the Pogues tribute KMRIA (see Music, pg. TK), but he says he also recently helped release a mixed CD from Rev. Shines of Lifesavas. Says Funk, "It's a bunch of OG breaks from hiphop songs, psyche-rock, jazz, and soul. He and I have started a new production-type group called Knock-Knock and will be releasing an album on Barsuk sometime soon."

A new documentary, filmed partly in Portland, will debut March 22 on VH1 Classics. Based around Squeeze singer/songwriter Glenn Tilbrook, Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road was directed by Squeeze friend/fan Amy Pickard and shows Tilbrook touring the country and going about his life post-stardom. Pickard explains, "Here was this quintessentially English pop star who once sold out Madison Square Garden, touring in an RV and staying in trailer parks instead of fancy hotels. The reality is you have to be creative in trying to get your music out these days and Glenn works really hard at introducing himself to people as a solo artist."

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