As a misanthropic ex-hermit I've never had love for this column's title. (Inherited after I took over this column from the last Mercury music editor, "It's Who You Know" doesn't hold much meaning when you don't care fuck-all for schmoozing.) That being said, I'm looking for a new column name and I'd like to put it up to you. All I ask is that it reflect the purpose of the column (i.e., local music news) and not be mindlessly obscure. I'm looking for something simple and clear and elegant, and if you can deliver you'll win a shoebox full of weird, awesome shit, which may or may not include a painting of Steven Seagal. Contest begins now. Go.

So last week I talked about how metal was coming our way and now it's here, charioting through the streets, dragging severed heads like soda cans from the back of a honeymooner's hatchback. Now, besides Deicide (Thursday) and Morbid Angel (Wednesday), Sabala's is throwing an Easter Sunday screening of The Passion of the Christ with Slayer as the soundtrack. Just sit back and think about that one for a minute or two. And speaking of the day of rest, the Tonic Lounge is now hosting free Sunday shows with 50-cent PBRs.

This coming Monday, the Tube has booked a great collaboration show where Ghost to Falco and Argumentix will become one band. Ghost to Falco's Eric Crespo and Argumentix' James Squeaky recently recorded a 40-minute collaborative album, and Squeaky says the live version will be "chaotic damnation by the Boss of Goth."

Arena Rock Recording Co. is putting together a comp to benefit p:ear and so far the tentative list is pretty fucking solid. (Some favorites: the Snuggle Ups doing Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark," Pat McDonald covering Jimmy Cliff's "The Harder They Come.") Finally, if you're into first wave British punk, make sure to check out the new DJ night Migration at White Eagle. Dave Allen (Gang of Four) will be spinning from his collection of punk 7"s. Drums/sax DJ project Pura Vida also performs. The series continues on Saturday May 6. Dave says he'll probably spin some fucking Slits(!) which is good enough for me.

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