It's damn hard most days to find decent non-soul-sucking jobs in the entertainment biz, but a great one just popped up on the market. Doug Fir booker Nicole Warren is hanging up the sparring gloves and heading off to law school. Says Nicole, "I've been fighting the urge to go to law school for years and finally caved. I love Doug Fir, but it's time for me to move on and explore something new. I encourage anyone who's interested to apply. My job is demanding yet fun as hell—it's a pretty cool thing when people like Sam Prekop leave voicemail for you, you know?" If you think you have what it takes to fill Nicole's Buick-size shoes, say what's up:

Now that Portland's blossoming into a green, sweet-smelling promised land, people are getting creative with throwing shows. Last weekend Low Fire, Celesteville, Natural Bridges, Atole, Chris Puma, and Two Oboes played in Ladd's Addition's central park. So, if you're not getting the gigs you want, DIY it. Book a show in somebody's backyard, or on a porch. Find a good, strong climbing tree and set the band up in its branches. Play a roof show. Play the river docks. And invite me; I'll bring a big jug of wine and we'll ring in the fucking springtime good and proper.

Web 'zine In Music We Trust is about to go daily. IMWT's Alex Steininger writes to say, "At first we'll have maybe two to three reviews a day, but as the contributing writers get used to the tools to add content themselves, we'll probably have 10 or so a day, with a new interview every few days. That's the goal." Check it out at

Red Light is getting together with the surviving members of the MC5 for a local poster contest. Deal's pretty simple: pick up an entry form at Red Light, make an awesome poster, drop it off before June 6, and win a shit-ton of prizes.

Travis from Please Step Out of the Vehicle writes to say his band's new record, Sleeping Right and the Best in Homeopathic Magic, is now being mastered. Their next show is May 14 at Back to Back Café with Shicky Gnarowitz and Alan Singley & Pants Machine. It'll be Back to Back's last show at the Burnside location before their big exodus to Killingsworth.

Here's some ninth inning shit: Half-Handed Cloud. Saturday. House show at Hammer and Sickle. Fuck yeah.