New music. New songs. New EPs, LPs, 7-inches, tapes... it's all bursting from the soil now that the ground's nice and thawed. Take a look outside: Our gardens and planters and front yards are overflowing with good new noise. First off, Sam Humans of ...worms writes to say he has a new 12-inch coming out at the end of the month. Sam and friends will be playing a CD release party at the Towne Lounge on June 1. Sam also says he's got a new Modernstate record in the works: "I've finished recording and begun mixing. There's a new track at Also, Bridgetown Breaks Vol. 2 just arrived and I'm pleased to have a couple cuts on there as well. I'm humbled by the good company and the kick-assness of the album. I also turned 30 yesterday."

Also working on new music is local prog murderers 31Knots. Joe Haege says his band is going to record the audience during their show this Saturday at Doug Fir. "I'm hoping we will be able to record some of the crowd to use on our next record. Oh, and not some crowd applause. I want to get them singing."

The Thermals have new shit coming out as well. Says Hutch Harris, "We just mastered our third record, The Body, the Blood, the Machine, a sort of conceptual record about escaping a fascist-Christian United States." The CD, recorded with Fugazi's Brendan Canty, comes out August 22 on Sub Pop. Hutch also says he's proud to announce the band has a new drummer, Caitlin Love, formerly of Desert City Soundtrack, LKN, and Davies vs. Dresch. Finally, nothing like a solid recommendation of new music. Hutch says to make sure and check out a group that's playing with his band at Doug Fir on May 27. "Also playing is Yes Father, which features Tim and Dave from the klezmer group Shicky Gnarowitz and the Transparent Wings of Joy. This band is fucking hilarious, maybe Portland's funniest, funnest band. With acoustic guitars and a drummer that beats on boxes and a suitcase, these guys sing songs like 'The Tripper' and 'Rollerblading into the Night.' Not to be missed!"

Sunday. 10 pm. MTV2's Subterranean. Panther's new video. Whoa, right?

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