Live Music


Abou Karim Restaurant—Anson Wright Duo

Acme—Clampitt, Gaddis & Buck, The Pine Hill Haints, The Can Kickers, 10 pm, $5

Alberta St. Pub—Adrienne Nightengale, Malcolm Rollick, 7 pm, $5; Monty Green’s Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm, free

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Amnesia Brewing Co.—Will West, Bob Soper, 8 pm

Andina Restaurant—Borikuas

Andrea's Cha Cha Club—Cubaneo, 10:30 pm

Ash St. Saloon—Drunk on Power, Raging Angel, Another Fine Crisis, 9:30 pm, $5

Beale Street NW —Kinzel & Hyde, 8:30 pm, free

Berbati's Pan—J Blank, Day of Lions, Giggitygiggitygiggity, $5

Bethany Village Grill—Blue Lightning, 8 pm, free

Biddy McGraw's—New Church Militia

Blue Monk—Stephen Walker & The Chosen Few

Boons Treasury—Richard Day-Reynolds, 8 pm, free

Buffalo Gap—Tony Smiley

Bungalow's Martini—Open Mic, 9 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib—Jim Mesi, Steve Bradley

Dante's—The Tossers, Casey Neill & The Norway Rats, Rum Rebellion, The Rag & Bone Men, 9:30 pm, $5

Doug Fir —Goapele, Liv Warfield, 9 pm, $10-12

Duff's Garage—The Pleasure Seekers

Dunes—PRA Benefit: Autopilot, Arcularius, Guau Guau, A Cautionary Tale, 8 pm

East Chinatown Lounge—Missnomer 6 pm; Auditory Sculpture, 10 pm

Edgefield —Intervision 5, 6 pm, free

Fez—Biggie-Sized Concert w/Gregory Miles Harris, Matthew Gilligan, The Prescott Trumbos, Jenny Sizzler, Asphalt Thieves, Two Vandals Lawncare, Classical Fuzz, 7 pm, $3; Invasion w/DJ Catalyst, 9 pm, $3 (lounge)

Food Hole—So Many Dynamos, The Cameras

Gemini —Karaoke from Hell

Goodfoot —Luminous Fog, Small Axe, $6

Green Room —So Called Blues Band

Halibuts—Terry Robb, 8:30 pm, free

Hawthorne Theatre—In Public View, Speaker Rhodes, The Elliot Project, Hello Square, Seba, Air Fortress, 9 pm, $6

Imbibe —Celilo, 8 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza —Grant Richards, Charlie Stanford, 7 pm

Jax —Larry Muson, Nina Randolph, 8 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown B3 Organ Quartet, 9 pm, $5

Kells—Culann’s Hounds, 9 pm

Laurelthirst—Lewi Longmire, 6 pm; Matthew Voth, 9:30 pm, $5

Mississippi Pizza—Canoofle, 6 pm; Edie Carey, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Circosemillas, 8 pm, $10-12

Mock Crest—Mike Danner, Open Mic, 8:30 pm

Monty's—Kenny Lee & The Sundowners’ Open Jam

Outlaws—Cicada Omega, 9 pm, $5

Paris Theatre—Core 13, Unknown Horizons, Luck Step Down, In Memory, Left Foot Forward, 7 pm

Pshaw!—Andy Stokes, 9:30 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Hank Hirsh Quintet, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Paul Summers, 7 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—Hookstock

Roots Brewing—Wisebird, 8 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Totimoshi, Ditchliquor, Black Elk, Facepilot, 9:30 pm, free

Salty's on the Colombia—Patrick Burke

Slabtown—Open Mic

Sweet Oregon Grill—Jon Koonce, 7 pm

The Artistery—Watery Graves, Woelv, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Arrington De Dionyso, 7:30 pm, $5

Thirsty Lion—Josh Malm

Tiger Bar—Labtekwon, Saints of Everyday Failures, Venom 33 1/3, $6

Tillicum Club—Lloyd Jones, 8 pm

Tonic—Prize Country

Towne Lounge—Plants, Alan Singley & Pants Machine, Aidan Coughlin, Brigg Fair, 9:30 pm, $5

Tugboat—Forward Energy Trio, 8 pm

Twilight Cafe—Jay Millas & Co.

Voleur Restaurant—Jeremy Sewer, 10 pm

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Korby Lenker, Laurie Katherine Carlsson, 8:30 pm, $4

Wilf's Piano Bar—Patrick Lamb Band

WOW Hall (Eugene)—Sick Fest: Necryptic, Domesticide, In the Name of God, Vexium, 7:30 pm, $7


Abou Karim Restaurant—Jazz ‘m

Acme—Yoyodyne, The Shaky Hands, 10 pm, $5

Alamo—The Wires

Alberta St. Pub—Celilo, 6:30 pm, free; Beglan’s Irish Jam, 9 pm, free

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina—John Butler Trio

Ash St. SaloonGlassine, Pinehurst Kids, The Stutter, 9:45 pm, $5

Beale Street NW —Danny Hay Davis, noon; Paul deLay

Berbati's Pan—Gabriel’s Fallen, Arroyo, Drive, $5; Good Fridays w/Rev. Paula B, 5 pm (barside)

Biddy McGraw's—Billy Kennedy Happy Hour, 6:30 pm; Rogue Motel, 9:30 pm

Blue Monk—Devin Phillips & New Orleans Straight Ahead

Boons Treasury—Red Rubber Band, 9 pm, free

Borders (Vancouver)—Michael McCabe, 7 pm

Buffalo Gap—Lander

Clyde's Prime Rib—Ronnie Esconde

Corner Saloon—Network

Dante's—Dead Moon, Oblivion Seekers, The Nice Boys, 9:30 pm, $8

Doug Fir —Mark Eitzel, Damien Jurado, The Soft Drugs, 9 pm, $10-12

Driftwood Tavern—Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage—Lisa & Her Kin

Dunes—Mirumir, 10 pm

Edgefield —Mark Alan, 7 pm, free

Food Hole—Imperial Leather, Raids, PRF, Absolute Rulers

Gemini —Chubby Johnson, $4

GMP—Michael Shapiro, 8 pm

Green Room —Will West, Bob Soper, 6 pm; Runaway Norm w/Taylor Davis, Aaron Hale, 9 pm

Grolla—Eric Skye

Ground Kontrol—Not Yeti, Chevron, Moonchild, 10 pm, free

Halibuts—Lloyd Jones

Hawthorne Theatre—The Charles Shaw Project, 7 pm (balcony); Grayskull, Bad Neighbors, Illmaculate, Gray Matters, 9 pm, $8

Holocene—Janet Jackson Tribute: MegaDome, CoreyCorey, DnD/Copy, PGE, Hott Pink, Dat’r, Dianna Joy, 9 pm, $5

Imbibe —Happy Hour w/Little Sue, 6 pm; Invisible Rockets, Run On Sentence, 9:30 pm, $5

Jax —Hank Hirsch Quintet, 8 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Liv Warfield’s Tribute to Donny Hathaway, 10 pm, $12

Jolly Roger—Earl & The Reggae Allstars, 10 pm, free

Kells—Culann’s Hounds, 9 pm

Kelly's Olympian—The Mellow Outs, The Greenpines, Cat Fight

Laurelthirst—Reggie’s Box of Chocolates, 6 pm, free; Freak Mountain Ramblers, 9:30 pm, $6

Loveland—The Divine Romance, On Deadly Ground, The Serene Iscariot, Coterie, 7 pm, $8

Mississippi Pizza—Bossanouveau, 6 pm; Justin Carroll & the Time Being, Jen Bresnahan & The Ex’s, Jesse Young, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Django’s Cadillac, Joe Craven, 7 pm, $5; Jeffrey Foucault, 10 pm, $12

Mock Crest—Old Yellers, 9 pm

Modish Building—LKN Benefit: Scout Niblett, emBROWNLOWe, Swallows, We Quit, DJ Dantronix, 8 pm

Montego Bay—Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Ohm —Freq Nasty, Electro Kid, Skia Graphia, Jen Folkner

Paris Theatre—Shoot the Scene, Alliance, Made in Ruins, 7 pm

Poor Richard’s—Clubfoot Sandwich

Produce Row —Well Swung Gypsies, 9 pm, free

Pshaw!—Eric Allen & Brian Lowe, 6 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Golden Boots, A John Henry Memorial, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags, 9 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—Audio Fatigue, CPN, Quandry, Worthless Children, 6 pm

Roots Brewing—Lew Jones, 9 pm

Roseland —Twiztid, Bobaflex, Axe Murder Boys, Potluck, 8 pm, $18-20

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—The Blacknotes, Copacrescent, Siren’s Echo, Suckapunch

Santorini's—Bobby Torres Ensemble, 9 pm

Secret House Vineyards—Dierks Bentley, 7 pm

Slabtown—Ruby Red, Hayden Janssen, The Wheel, 9 pm

Sweet Oregon Grill—Steve Bradley, 7 pm

The Old Church—Hutchins Consort, 7:30 pm, $15-25

Thirsty Lion—Will West, Bob Soper, 9:30 pm

Tiger Bar—Bear Fighter, Tan Tourismo, The Volumes, Black Heart White Noise, free

Tillicum Club—Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Tonic—Muddy River Nightmare Band, The Koozie, Six Gun, The Stood Ups, $6

Towne Lounge—Portals, Hightower, Towers, 9:30 pm, $5

Twilight Cafe—Infiltrate, Rosa Noir, The Richard Pryor Conviction

Voleur Restaurant—Dusty York Trio, 9 pm

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Rob Barteletti & The Shadows, Reina G. Collins & The Casters, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar—Barbara Lusch Trio

Xenos—Cliff Hutchison

Yola's Foster Road—Open Mic


Abou Karim Restaurant—Mary Kadderly

Acme—Fabuloso, The Dimes

Aladdin —Yellowman & The Sagittarius Band

Alberta Farmer’s Market—Acoustic Minds, noon, free

Alberta St. Pub—Del Goldfarb Quartet, 7 pm, $4; Peter Krebs, Lara Michell, 9:30 pm

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina Restaurant—Toshi Onizuka Trio

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall—Melissa Etheridge, $35-100

Artichoke—Chris Kokesh, noon, free

Ash St. Saloon—Kinda Kinks, Basta!, Cellar Door, 9:30 pm, $5

Beale Street NW —Franco Palletta

Berbati's Pan—Boombastic: DJ KO, DJ Ill Camino, DJ Rad!, $4

Biddy McGraw's—Jessica Stiles & The Nightowls

Bitter End—Drunken Prayer

Blue Monk—Shirley Nanette & The Original Cats

Boons Treasury—Dylan Thomas Vance, 9 pm, free

Borders (Bridgeport)—Courtney Jones

Buffalo Gap—Bill Bozly, Bone Daddy

Clyde's Prime Rib—La Rhonda Steele

Col. Summers Park—Multnomah County Bike Fair: Sprockettes, BluBird, Like a Circus Fire, Trash Mountain Boys, Gatos en Zapatos, Johnny Punchclock, 2 pm, free

Corner Saloon—Network

Dante's—The Epoxies, I Can Lick Any SOB in the House, 9:30 pm, $8-10

Devil’s Point—Six Gun, The Flapjacks, 10 pm, $5

Disjecta—Plazm Party: Fleshtone, DJ Copy, E*Rock, Valet, The Watery Graves, Sissyboy, DJ Shannon, 8 pm, $5

Doug Fir —Children of the Revolution, Jujuba, 9 pm, $10

Duff's Garage—Wheatfield

Dunes—Saturdunes: Sleepyhead, Hips Hops, Mountain Cat, 16 Switches, Poindexta P, 9 pm

Edgefield —Johnny Connolly & Cary Novotny, 7 pm, free

Gemini —Linda Hornbuckle

Goodfoot —Scott Law Band, Ashbury Park, $7

Grand Cafe—Doc Wilson, Lyle Ford, 6 pm

Green Room —Evan Mc Donnell Band, Jen Bresnahan & The Ex’s, 9:30 pm

Halibuts—Aric Riley

Hawthorne Theatre—To the World, LoRaine, Unhinged, Even in Paradise, Vince of Mainay, 9 pm, $8

Imbibe —John Bunzow, 9:30 pm, $5

Jax —Denardo-Beck Group, 8 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Ben Fowler

Jolly Roger—Earl & The Reggae Allstars, 10 pm, free

Jupiter Hotel—NW Tiki-Kon: Mars Needs Women, Lisa & Her Kin, DJ Selector Lopaka, 7 pm, $20

Kells—Culann’s Hounds, 9 pm

Kelly's Olympian—Avery Bell

Laurelthirst—Bilzabob, 6 pm, free; Billy Kennedy Band, 9:30 pm, $5

Mac's Place—Norman Sylvester, $5

Mission Theatre—Siren Nation Benefit: Amelia, Ashleigh Flynn, 8 pm, $10

Mississippi Pizza—Lorna Miller’s Little Kids’ Jamboree, 4 pm, $5/family; New Mexican Revolution, RCMP, Sassparilla, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Bright Red Paper, Holcombe Waller, 10 pm, $8

Mock Crest—Blueprints, 9 pm

Montego Bay—Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium NW —Ruth, 1 pm; Ne’ve, 5 pm

Ninth Ave Public HouseCrack City Rockers, 9 pm

Outlaws—Afincando, 8:30 pm, $7

Paris Theatre—The Cynix, Sledge Back, Los Olvidos, Polar Skate

Poor Richard’s—Steve Bradley, Scott Cronin

Produce Row —Miss Lonely Hearts, 9 pm, free


Rock Creek Tavern—Jack McMahon Band, 9 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—Tragedy, Woodpile, 7 pm

Roots Brewing—Joshua Slamp, 9 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Festival de Piratas VII: Captain Bogg & Salty, Ben Gunn Society, Broadside Johnnie, 9 pm, $10

Saturday Market—Bossanouveau, Sweet Island Thyme, 11:30 am

Secret House Vineyards—Floater, MXPX, Harvey Danger, Stroke 9, I Can Lick Any SOB in the House, 3:30 pm


Sweet Oregon Grill—Feppo Brothers, 7 pm

The Artistery—Share the Road Benefit: Upsidedown, Six Foot Sloth, Ginggang, 8 pm, $5

The Know—Evening Episode, Caves

The Old Church—Bossa Do Fado, 8 pm, $10

Thirsty Lion—Darby O’Gill

Tiger Bar—Back 2 Reality: Hungry Mob, Toni Hill, Adrian Adel, Brown Recluse, Serge Severe, Venom 33 1/3, 10 pm, $2

Tillicum Club—Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Tonic—Chris Merrill Band, Less Than Hero

Towne Lounge—Kleveland, Morgan Grace, The Ones, 9:30 pm, $5

Twilight Cafe—The Wayward Trio, King Friday

Voleur Restaurant—Carri Bella

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Chuck Warda, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar—Storm Large

Wonder Ballroom—Tiger Army, The Briggs, Black Rose Phantoms, 8 pm, $12

WOW Hall (Eugene)—B-Boy Battle, 4 pm, $10-12


1936 N Alberta—David Rolin, 1 pm

Acme—Kiberia Benefit: Sexton Blake, Simpl, The Lights Out, 8 pm, $8-20

Alberta St. Pub—Caleb Coffey, Woodrush, Kate Mann, Jeff Jourdan, 8 pm

Andina Restaurant—Steve Moretti Trio

Ash St. Saloon—SMC Cartage Co., Sleep Machine, JEB, Shelf Bellie, 9:30 pm, $5

Augustana Lutheran Church—Augustana Jazz Quartet, 6 pm, free

Beale Street NW —Gospel Lunch, 1 pm

Berbati's Pan—Fetish Night: The Gentry, DJ Ranabell, $5-7

Bettie Ford—Mr. Mumu, Fleshtone, 8 pm

Beulahland—Chickweed, 3:30 pm, free

Biddy McGraw's—Irish Music Open Jam

Clyde's Prime Rib—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Dante's—Pinebox Boys, Two Sheds, Jet Black, 8 pm; Sinferno Cabaret, 11 pm, $6

Edgefield —Sonny Hess, 5 pm, free

Elephants Deli—Terry Robb, 3 pm

Hawthorne Theatre—The Civies, Eat Your Heart Out, The Disliked, Second Best, 9 pm, $6

Imbibe —Hanz Araki & Cary Novotny, 7 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Gypsy Jazz, 8 pm

Jax —Nancy King, Mary Kadderley, 4 pm, $10

Kells—Eric Tonsfeldt, 9 pm

La Merde—Gypsy Jazz

Laurelthirst—Freak Mountain Ramblers, 6 pm

Mississippi Pizza—Partly Dave, 4 pm; Cuba Ache, 7 pm

Mississippi Studios—Mary Lee’s Corvette, Eric Ambel & The Roscoe Trio, Mutlu, 8 pm, $12

Mock Crest—Will West, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence—Foghorn Stringband, free

Music Millennium NW —Mary Lee’s Corvette, 3 pm; Ellery, 5 pm

Paris Theatre—My Former Self, The Wheelchair Renegades, 4:30 pm

Pshaw!—Chata Addy’s Drum Jam, 8 pm

River Roadhouse—Sinner’s Club Open Jam, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Kevin Barber, 4 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—Stroke 9, Scenes from a Movie, AlterEgo, Burning Armada, 7 pm

Salvador Molly’s—Earl & The Reggae Allstars, 4 pm

Saturday Market—Uprite Dub Orchestra, Johnny Martin, 11:30 am

The Steinhaus—Kinzel & Hyde, 8:30 pm, free

Tonic—Linus & The Smelly, Bastards, Belligerents

Towne Lounge—Juanita Family, Drunken Prayer, Pillows, 9:30 pm, $5

Twilight Cafe—Keegan Smith & Fam

Waverly Heights Congregational Church—Community Singing w/The Portland Sacred Harp, 2 pm, free

White Eagle —Open Mic w/Matt Meighan, 7:30 pm, free


Aladdin —Little River Band

Alberta St. Pub—David & Jess (Jackstraw), Morgan (Cascade Colonels), 6:30 pm, free

Andina Restaurant—Sambafeat

Ash St. Saloon—Front Side Five, The Drunken Generals, Jett Black, 9:30 pm, $4

Biddy McGraw's—Lowell J. Mitchell Trio, 6 pm

Clinton Corner—Raggae Jam w/Earl the Reggae Allstar, 7 pm

Dante's—Ground Zero Lounge w/Clyde Lewis, 7:30 pm, free; Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $2

Doug Fir —MarchFourth Marching Band, Solovox, 9 pm, $5

Dunes—Emily Hay, Wires on Fire, 10 pm

Edgefield —Skip Van Kuske Diva Series w/Lea Krueger, 7 pm, free

goodfoot —Sonic Forum Open Mic

Green Room —Open Mic w/Chuck Warda

Halibuts—Lloyd Jones

Imbibe —Zupa, 8 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Berry Joe Stull, 6 pm

Jimmy Mak's—Dan Balmer, 7:30 pm, free

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Kells—Eric Tonsfeldt, 9 pm

Laurelthirst—Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm

Loveland—Hella, The Advantage, Octis w/Zach Hill & Mick Barr, Panther, 8:30 pm, $8-10

Mississippi Pizza—Ellery, Jasmine Ash, 7 pm

Moon & Sixpence—Johnny B. Connolly, free

Produce Row —Ron Steen’s Jazz Jam, 9 pm, $3

Pshaw!—Triclops, 9:30 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Coyle & McCormick, 8 pm

Rock n Roll Pizza—The Bronx, Riverboat Gamblers, Priestess, Wires on Fire, 6 pm

The Artistery—Golden Boots, Adam Gnade , Whip, Collapsing Opposites, 7:30 pm, $4

Tonic—Mister Loveless, Castrait; Matt Machine (lounge)

Towne Lounge—The Chapin Sisters, Dame Satan, Bark, Hide & Horn, 9:30 pm, $5

Tube—DRUGS, Dragging an Ox Through Water, Bird Costumes, DJ Nate C, 9:30 pm

Twilight Cafe—Open Mic w/Eric Allen

White Eagle —Griffin, 8 pm, free


Aladdin —Arlo Guthrie

Andina Restaurant—Toshi Onizuka

Apotheke—Portland New Music Society: Branic Howard, Brandon Conway, JP Jenkins, This Order, 9 pm, free

Ash St. Saloon—Mister Loveless, Days of Dreams, 9:15 pm, free

Biddy McGraw's—Dylan Thomas Vance, Griff Bear

Blue Monk—Ramsey’s Groove Trio, free

Candlelight —Reggie Houston’s Earth Island Band, 9:30 pm, free

Catlin Gabel School—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Clinton Corner—Pagan Jug Band, 6:30 pm

Crystal Ballroom—Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, The Duhks, Chris Thile, 8 pm, $29.50

Dante's—Soriah w/Marcos Fernandes & Emily Hay, 9 pm, $5

Duff's Garage—Dover Weinberg Quartet

Edgefield —Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, 7 pm, free

Food Hole—Bird in Hand, Shirelle C’s Lemons & Limes, Oscillating Innards

Goodfoot —Two High String Band

Green Room —PDX Songwriter Showcase, 9 pm

Ground Kontrol—Meta Music Presents, 9:30 pm, $3

Holocene—Found Magazine Cavalcade: Peter Rothbart, 8 pm, $8

Imbibe —James Low, Lewi Longmire, 6 pm; The PBRchestra, 9 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Balkan Music & Dance, 9 pm

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown Septet, 7:30 pm, $6

Kells—Eric Tonsfeldt, 9 pm

Ken’s Place—Steve Cheseborough, 5 pm

Laurelthirst—Jackstraw, 6 pm, free; Blackberry Bushes String Band, 8 pm

Loveland—Kottonmouth Kings, (hed) PE, SubNoize Souljaz, 8 pm, $17.50-20

Mississippi Pizza—Mississippi Jazz Jam, 8 pm

Mock Crest—Nobody’s Sweethearts

Nocturnal—Blues Practica, 7 pm, $5

Pshaw!—Steve Smith’s Jazz Jam, 7 pm; Lloyd Jones & friends, 10 pm

Rock n Roll Pizza—Bullets to Broadway, The Know How, Breathe Fire, Eat Your Heart Out, Lowball, 6 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Warcry, Criminal Damage, SkullSplitter

Santorini's—Danny Hay Davis, 7 pm

Towne Lounge—Meet Department w/Angel Lee, $5

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Joe McMurrian’s Acoustic Review, 8:30 pm, free

Wilf's Piano Bar—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 7:30 pm, free


45th Street Pub—Open Mic

Abou Karim Restaurant—Portland Jazz Singers

Acme—Gatos en Zapatos

Alberta St Pub—Zydeco Dance Party, 7 pm

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Amazon Cafe—Ramsey y Los Montunos, 9 pm

Andina Restaurant—Neftali Rivera

Ash St. Saloon—Epic, Phorx, Brzowski, V8, 9:30 pm, $5

Berbati's PanAristeia, Blvd., These Are Fireworks

Biddy McGraw's—Bob Soper

Billy Reed's—David Valdez Quartet, 4:30 pm, $3; Groove Jazz Jam Session, 8 pm, free

Blue Monk—The Artistocrats

Boons Treasury—Ron Hughes, 8 pm, free

Buffalo Gap—Adam & Kris

Cascade Bar—Jam Band PDX

Clyde's Prime Rib—Barbara Lusch

Crystal Ballroom—Charlie Parr, 8 pm (Lola’s)

Dante's—Levon Levan, 10 pm, $5

Doug Fir —Point Juncture, WA, Velella Velella, Pentecost Hotel, 9 pm, $5

Driftwood Tavern—Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage—Blues Jam w/Suburban Slim

Dunes—Fall of Snow, Cemetery Love Club, DJ Tigerstripes, 10 pm, $2

Edgefield —Lincoln Crockett, 7 pm, free

Food Hole—VCR, The Epsilons

Goodfoot —Drew Emmitt Band

Green Room —Stephen Ashbrook, 9pm

Ground Kontrol—Here Comes a Big Black Cloud!, 9 pm, $3

H2O Martini Bar—Matt Vrba, 6 pm

Halibuts—Paul DeLay

Hawthorne Theatre—Open Mic, 8 pm, free (balcony)

Holocene—Stonewall: Splendora, MC Regina, CJ & The Dawls, Danny & The Damages, Do N Dudes, DJs L-Train, $ew What, Copy, Maxamillion, Cabiria, Nicky Click, Darcelle XV, donation

Imbibe —The Freaquent Flyers, 9 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Irish Music, 6 pm; Arabian Music, 8:30 pm

Jax —KMHD/Jax Jazz Jam, 7 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown Quartet, 7:30 pm, $5

Kells—Eric Tonsfeldt, 9 pm

Laurelthirst—The Darrylizers, 6 pm, free; Dave Reisch’s Jihad, 9 pm, free

Loveland—Sworn Enemy, On Broken Wings, Black My Heart, Nights Like These, Proven, 7 pm, $12

Mississippi Pizza—Blackberry Bushes, Ask Irene, 7 pm

Mock Crest—Dan Coyle, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence—Trashcan Joe, 8:30 pm, free

Night Light Lounge—Atomic Jazz Ensemble, 9 pm, free

Oregon Zoo—Baaba Maal, 7 pm, $9.50

Paola’s—Ezra Meredith, 9 pm

Pshaw!—Curtis Salgado, Lloyd Jones, Dave Kal, 10 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Shicky Gnarowitz, 8 pm

Rock n Roll Pizza—Vader, Kataklysm, Destruction, Speed.Kill.Hate, Graveworm, The Absence, Vintegaas, 6 pm, $15

Roseland —She Wants Revenge, Ima Robot, Mellowdrone, 9 pm, $20

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Russian Circles, Me Con, On the First Day... They Were Kittens, Not Yeti, Built by Giants, 9 pm, $8; DJ Mee’oww, 10 pm, free (lounge)

The Nest Lounge—Chris Gabriel, The Friends of Rock & Roll

The Old Church—Mary Anne Seth-Wish, Helen Anderson, Michael Barnes, noon, free

Thirsty Lion—Dale the Nail

Tillicum Club—Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Towne Lounge—Red Fang, The Long & Short of It, Bugs, 9:30 pm, $5

Vino Paradiso—The Djangophiles, 8 pm

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Big E & John, 8:30 pm, $4

Wilf's Piano Bar—John Gilmore

Wired Coffee—Open Mic, 7 pm

Wonder Ballroom—Black Heart Procession, Dan Sartain, Tara Jane O’Neil, 8 pm, $14

DJ Listings


Apotheke—DJ van Dis, 8 pm

Backspace—Metronome: Microelectronic Funk

Bettie Ford—DJ Yaz

Boxxes —DJ Sam

Chances Sports Bar—DJ DannyG, 10 pm

Crush —DJ Neer

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy, 9 pm, free

Greek Cusina—King Fader, Diz Jockman (Taverna); Matt-E Star (Minoan)

Ground Kontrol—TRONix: Hydroplane, 9:30 pm, free

Holocene—One-Minute Film Festival: DJ Beyonda, 10 pm, $4-10

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Noctranus

Matador—DJ I Heart You, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—James Steele

Nocturnal—Swing Dance, 8 pm, $6

Noir—Solar, Derelict, DJ Hayes, DJ Ravi, 10 pm, free

Produce Row —Small Axe, $3

Ringler's Pub—DJ Savi, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Honeydripper, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—Techno Sol w/DJ Suppoz, 10 pm, free

Tube—DJ KJ

XV—Evil One, Gemo


Billy Reed's—DJ Paradox, 9 pm, free

Boxxes —DJ Sam

Crush —Andromeda

Crystal Ballroom—‘80s Video Dance Attack w/VJ Kittyrox, 10 pm, $3 (Lola’s)

Delta Cafe—AM Gold

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy, 9 pm, free

Domenic’s Bar & Grill—Dance Party

East Chinatown Lounge—King Fader, 6 pm; DJ Izm, 10 pm

Fez—Shut Up & Dance w/DJ Gregarious, 10 pm, $5

Goodfoot—DJ Aquaman's Soul Stew

Greek Cusina—Body Call w/DJ P, DJ Professor Stone, DJ Sneakers, DJ Wicked (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Matador—DJ Trixie Doll, DJ Lucifina, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—James Steele

Night Light Lounge—DJ DrewGroove

Pala—John Howard, Superfunkidiculous, Kaylen, $8

Pi-Rem—Groove Enthusiasm: DJs Tronic, Blue Submarine, 9 pm, free

Ringler's Pub—DJ B Dangerous, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—All Things Considered w/Mr Mumu, 10 pm, free

Tube—Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots w/DJ Nikki C

U&I Tavern —Small Axe Sounds

XV—Belly of Superhappywax


Ararat—After Dark: DJ Matt e Starr, 11 pm

Aztec Willie's—Salsa Night w/DJ Jose, 9:30 pm, free

Bettie Ford—Award Tour: DJ Evil One

Bobby McGee's—Kevin Berry’s Old School Jam w/DJ Michael Morris

Boxxes —DJ Dougalicious

Chances Sports Bar—DJ 1996 Olympics

Colosso—DJ No. 3, 10 pm

Crush —Swing Set: DJ Stay in School

Domenic’s Bar & Grill—Dance Party

East Chinatown Lounge—Jammotron, 7 pm; DJ Nik Fury, 10 pm

Fez—Andaz w/DJ Anjali, The Incredible Kid, 9 pm, $7

Greek Cusina—Evil One, Professor Stone, DJ Flipsta (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Ground Kontrol—Reaganomix: Paula B, 10 pm, free

Holocene—Double Down: DJ Othertempo, 8 pm, $5

Matador—DJ Moisti, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—Jason B

Momo's—DJ Wicked, 10 pm, free

Noir—DJs James Stark, Wrex, Mohawk Adam

Pala—Eva, Tony Gordan, Pneumo, $8

Pi-Rem—Night of 7 Chakras: DJ Ravi, 9 pm, free

Ringler's Pub—DJ Miranda, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—Allumè w/Mr. Mumu, 10 pm, free

Tube—Gimme Danger w/DJ Maxamillion

U&I Tavern —DJ Mattbastard



Crystal Ballroom—Hive: DJ Blackout, Owen, 9 pm, $3 (Lola’s)

Devils Point—Stripparaoke w/KJ Pinky, 9 pm, free

Dino's—Hustler’s Sabbath: Sketchy B, Dino’s Divas

Greek Cusina—Industry Night w/local DJs

Ground Kontrol—Black Sunday: DJ Nate C, 10 pm, free

Holocene—Cupcake: DJs Brit, Harmony, 5 pm, $5

Kelly's Olympian—DJ One Pump

Matador—DJ Donny Don’t, 10 pm, free

Night Light Lounge—SIN Night w/DJ Roommate, 10 pm, free

Nocturnal—Swing Dance, 8 pm, $6

Noir—Sunday Sermon: Matt e Starr, DJ Lite, Mr. Clean, Matt Rock

Pala—Chill Sunday, $1

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—DJ Thumper (lounge)

The Nest Lounge—DJ Ben, 9 pm

XV—The Name of the Game w/Mumu


Aalto Lounge—DJ Maxamillion

Berbati's Pan—Tha’ Boom w/DJs Automaton, Beyonda, Ko, Wesley, DJ Ill Camino

Devils Point—DJ Brooks

Duff's Garage—Zombo’s Mondo Party

East Chinatown Lounge—iPod uPod

Greek Cusina—Monday Night Raw w/DJs Hightower, My Friend Andy, ATM, Davis Cleveland, 10 pm, free (Taverna)

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Sars

Matador—DJ Hanna, 10 pm, free

Momo's—Mello Mondays w/DJ Mello Cee

Slabtown—DJ Marantic

XV—SIN Night w/House DJs


Boxxes —Flirt w/Cory

Crush —DJ Wann

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy

East Chinatown Lounge—Throwback Tuesdays: Evil One, Gemo

Egyptian Club—DJ Automaton, 10 pm

Greek Cusina—DJs James Steele, Antonio, 10 pm, free (Minoan)

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Hott Scott

Matador—DJ Pakastani Tranni, 10 pm, free

Mudai—DJ Be-1

Pala—Cate & DPL

Tube—No No No Disco w/DJ Nightschool, Neighborhood DJ

XV—Don’t Hate w/Paula B


Bettie Ford—Homotherapy: L-Train, DJ Automaton

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy

East Chinatown Lounge—Deena B, 6 pm; DJs Atom 13, Soil, 10 pm

Fez—Devotion w/local DJs, 9:30 pm, free

Greek Cusina—Himself, Debaser, Risky Star, Ms. Su’ad, DJ Wicked, Gainon, 10 pm, $3 (Minoan)

Jolly Roger—All Hands on Deck w/DJ Opter, AliCat, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Colin Sic

Matador—FauxReal, 10 pm, free


Pala—Ignite w/local DJs, free

Pix Patisserie (NE)—PRA Night, 9 pm

Produce Row —Open Mic w/June Bunton, 9 pm, free

Saucebox—Beat Initiative w/DJs Rafa, Flutterby

Tonic—Reggae Dancehall

Three Friends Coffeehouse—Suck My Open Mic w/Tamara J. Brown, 7 pm