Live Music


15th Street Pub—Lon, 9 pm

2624 NE Sumner—Unpersons, Lords of Light, The Better to See You With, 7 pm, $5

Abou Karim Restaurant—Anson Wright Duo

Aladdin —Live Wire!: Norfolk & Western, Darol Anger, Tony Furtado, 7 pm, $10-12

Alberta St. Pub—John Elliott, The Hereafter, 7 pm; Monty Green’s Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm, free

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Amazon Cafe—EZ Connection

Andina Restaurant—Gypsy Jazz Trio

Andrea’s Cha Cha Club—Cubaneo, 10:30 pm

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall—Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney, David Cross

Ash St. SaloonDrunken Prayer, Blackbird Theatre, The Bedlam Boys, The Sawyer Family, 9:30 pm, $5

Berbati's Pan—The Cops, Glassine, Miraflores

Bethany Village Grill—Blue Lightning

Biddy McGraw's—Project Sweetpotato, 9:30 pm

Blue Monk—Stephen Walker & The Few Chosen

Boons Treasury—Richard Day Reynolds, 8 pm, free

Buffalo Gap—Tony Smiley

Bungalow’s Martini—Open Mic, 9 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib—Jim Mesi, Steve Bradley

Dante's—Michael Showalter, Eugene Mirman, Leo Allen, 9:30 pm, $5

Doug Fir —Vagabond Opera, Heroes & Villains, The Dickel Brothers, 9 pm, free

Duff's Garage—J.L. Stiles, Pleasure Seekers

Dunes—Sea Donkeys, Little Howlin’ Wolf, Evolution Jass Band, 10 pm

East Chinatown Lounge—Missnomer, 6 pm; Auditory Sculpture, 10 pm

Edgefield Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags

Eugenios—Bill Shively, Stan Cassell, 7 pm

Gemini —Karaoke from Hell

Goodfoot —Devin Phillips’ New Orleans Funk Project, $5

Green Room —So Called Blues Band, 9 pm

Halibuts—Terry Robb, 8:30 pm, free

Hawthorne Theatre—Velabonz, The Mediam, The Mediks, Royal Bliss, Aisle 3, 8 pm, $6; Michael Garfield, 8 pm, free (balcony)

Heathman Hotel—Johnny Martin Trio, 7 pm

Holocene—Dabrye, DJ Tan’t, DJ Beyonda, Truckasaurus, 9 pm, $7-8

Hotel deLuxe—Oulipo Compendium, 8 pm

Imbibe —The Old Yellers, 5 pm; Arabian Nights, 8 pm, $5

In Other Words—Harry & The Potters, Draco & The Malfoys, 7 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Bill Coomes & Larry Adair, 8 pm

Jax —Jim Templeton Trio, 8 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown B3 Organ Quartet, 9 pm, $5

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Kells—Pat Buckley, 9 pm

Kennedy School—Richmond Fontaine, 7 pm, free

Laurelthirst—Lewi Longmire Band, 6 pm

Lincoln Hall, PSU—Violin Festival: My Smilin’ Violin 6 pm

Mississippi Pizza—Wicky Pickers, 6 pm; Erinn Williams, Silk & Olive, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Laura Gibson, Fish Boy, Super XX Man

Mock Crest—Donna Jose, Open Mic & Jammin, 8:30 pm

Monty's—Kenny Lee & The Sundowners’ Open Jam

Music Millennium NW —Will Hoge, 6 pm

Paragon Club—Polka Madre y La Comezon

Portsmouth Club—Open Mic w/David Fifield

Proper Eats Cafe—Jazz Jam w/Alan Tarpinian, 7 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Duos & Trios, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Taarka, 8 pm, free

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Ditchliquor, Portals, Towers, Starantula, John Rambo

Salty's on the Colombia—Patrick Burke

The Old Church—Tuvan Throat Singing: Chirgilchin, 8 pm, $15

The Steinhaus—Haus Cats

Thirsty Lion—National Flower w/J. Malm

Tillicum Club—Lloyd Jones, 8 pm

Tonic—Hemmit, Lozen, Hexe, Jacuzzi Bros.

Towne Lounge—Heather Duby, Barton Carroll, Tractor Operator, $6

Twilight Cafe—The Hookah Stew Band

Voleur Restaurant—Josh Nielson, 10 pm

Wallace Park —Jen & Wendy, 6:30 pm

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Cocktail Cabaret, 8 pm, $10

Wilf's Piano Bar—Patrick Lamb Band

WOW Hall (Eugene)—David Bazan, Micah P. Hanson, 9 pm, $8-10


15th Street Pub—Deadly Sinclair, My Own Black Eye, Rex Sole, Asterra, 9 pm; Lon, 10 pm

Abou Karim Restaurant—Nancy King

Aladdin —Jeff Dunham, 7 & 10 pm

Alberta St. Pub—Cocks in the Henhouse, 6:30 pm, free; Beglan’s Irish Jam, 9 pm, free

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina Restaurant—John Butler Trio, 8 pm

Ash St. SaloonKrush Kalmath, Dead Friends, The Nightmares, Handgun Bravado, 10 pm, $5

Beale Street NW —Danny Hay Davis, noon; Jessie Samsel

Berbati's Pan—Will Hoge, Rose Hill Drive, Western Aerial, 9:30 pm, $12; Good Fridays w/Rev. Paula B, 5 pm (barside)

Biddy McGraw's—Billy Kennedy Happy Hour, 6:30 pm; Jim Boyer, 9:30 pm

Bijou Cafe—Robert Moore, David Evans, Janice Scroggins, Andre St. James, Alan Tarpinian, 8 pm, $15

Billy Ray's—The Konks, Flip Tops, Slip Its, 7 pm

Blue Monk—Farnell Newton, Marcus Reynolds

Blue Monk—Devin Phillips & New Orleans Straight Ahead

Boons Treasury—John Bunzow

Borders (Vancouver)—Russell Stafford, 7 pm

Buffalo Gap—Reg, Bradley Shaimus

Candlelight Ken DeRouchie Band, 9:30 pm


Clyde's Prime Rib—Margo Tufo

Coffee Lovers—KC

Corner Saloon—Hipwaiters

Crystal Ballroom—Swing Dance, 8:30 pm, $8; ‘80s Video Dance Attack w/VJ Kittyrox, 10 pm, $3 (Lola’s)

Dante's—Trainwreck w/Kyle G, Sexy Pants, 9:30 pm, $10

Doug Fir —The Long Winters, Lake Society, Tim Seely, 9 pm, $11-12

Driftwood Tavern—Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage—Justin Curtis, The Stood Ups

Dunes—Tall Birds, Unnatural Helpers

Edgefield Kate Mann, 7 pm, free

Fernhill Park—Flat Mountain Girls, 6:30 pm

Food Hole—Pussy Gutt, Glamorous Pat, DRUGS, 10 pm

Green Room —Caleb Coffey, 9:30 pm

Grolla—Eric Skye

Halibuts—Jon Koonce

Hawthorne Theatre—Almost Is Nothing, A Fragile Shade, Blueturnswhite, In Her Memory, Wolves Bound for Rome, 9 pm, $8

Imbibe —Happy Hour w/Little Sue, 6 pm; Cubaneo, 9:30 pm, $5

Jax —Hank Hirsh Quintet, 8 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Dan Faehnle

Jolly Roger—Earl & The Reggae Allstars, 10 pm, free

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Kells—Grafton Street, 9:30 pm

Kelly's Olympian—The Ones

Laurelthirst—Turtle & Tim, 6 pm, free; Sweetjuice, 9:30 pm, $5

Mississippi Pizza—Voodoo BBQ, 6 pm; The Goliards, The Fireside Duo, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Alexi Murdoch, 7:30 pm, $12

Mock Crest—KC Murphy, 9 pm

Montego Bay—Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium NW —Alexi Murdoch, 6 pm

Oregon Zoo—Doc Watson, Leo Kottke, 7 pm, $18

Oxbow Park—Greg Clarke, 8:30 pm, $4/car

Paris Theatre—The Archbishops, 7 pm

Portsmouth Club—The Blue Royals

Produce Row —Eve’s Dilemma, 9 pm, free

Pudding River—NW World Reggae Festival: NiryoRah, Army, Abja, Red I Band, Albino, Soul Majestic, Elhadji & Maribou, Nuborn, Obeyjah, I-chelle, Scott Free, Madgesdig, MC Mystic, I Word, 4 pm, $35

Queen of Hearts Tavern—Danny Hay Davis, 8 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Erinn Williams, Silk & Olive, 8 pm

Rock Creek TavernDrunken Prayer, 9 pm, free

Rock n Roll PizzaUntyd, 12 Gauge Fuse, Antix, The Redemption, Quandry, 6 pm, $8

Roots BrewingThe Chapman Swifts, Evenkeel, 9 pm

Roseland Grill—Anthony Gomes, The Strangetones, 8 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Rockfest Showcase

Siam Society—Adam Hurst, 9 pm

Slabtown—Kihutic, Starry Starry Starry, Ships to Roam

The Stein Haus—Bad Motor Scooter

Thirsty Lion—Garth Michael McDermott Trio

Tillicum Club—Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Tonic—Michael Garfield, 7:30 pm; Estigia, Somewhat Envius, Apocalypse Head, Grieving Sun

Towne Lounge—Oneida, Leti Angel, The Bats of Belfry, 9:30 pm, $7

Twilight CafeAttack Ships on Fire, The Dead Americans

Veneta, OR—Zimbabwean Music Fest: Zanga Zanga, Kudana Marimba, Erica Azim & Irene Chigamba, Vakasara Mbira, Hokoyo, Mhuri Marimba Ensemble, Rhythm on the Rocks, Rutendo Marimba Band, Tamba, & more, 11 am

Voleur RestaurantCotton Jenny, 9 pm

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Dan Jones & The Squids, Yeltsin, Yoyodyne, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar—Richard Arnold & The Groove Swingers

WOW Hall (Eugene)—RX Bandits, State Radio, Monty Are I, Desa, 8:30 pm, $10-12

Xenos—Ezra Carey Band, $2

Yola's Foster Road—Open Mic


15th Street Pub—Smirk, Wilderness of Tekoa, Darkside of the Cop

5037 N Princeton—Dat’r, Team Evil, Bark, Hide & Horn, The Online Romance, Hey Lover, Ghosting, Tre, DJ Ricky Pang, DJ Two-Handed Manny, 5 pm, $2-5

811 E Burnside—“4” Fashion Show: DJs $ew What, Copy, 9 pm

Abou Karim Restaurant—Robert Moore Trio

Acme—Enchanted 4ST, Phantom Power, Ninja Clan, Fade 13, 10 pm, $3

Aladdin —Justin Hopkins & The Guilt, Justin King Band, Million Billion

Alberta St. PubMidnight Serenaders, Sassparilla Jug Band, 9:30 pm, $5

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina Restaurant—Toshi Onizuka

Another Moon—Amy Bleu, Laura Stevenson, 7 pm, free

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall—Bill Maher, 8 pm, $37.50-$47.50

Ash St. Saloon—Auralust, From the Fall, Titans of Oblivion, Dealer, 9:30 pm

Beale Street NW —The Strangetones

Berbati's Pan—The No No Spots, The Hourly Radio, Hott Pink, $6

Biddy McGraw's—Ashbury Park

Billy Reed's—Moments Notice, 9 pm

Bitter End—The Weathermakers, The Skinny

Boons Treasury—Acoustic Minds Trio

Borders (Bridgeport)—Catherine Garvin, 7 pm

Borders (Gresham)—Doug Smith, 7 pm

Buffalo Gap—Shina & Tasha, Keegan Smith

C.I. Bar and Grill—Crackertones, 9:30 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib—Andy Stokes

Corner Saloon—Hipwaiters

Crystal Ballroom—Floater, Chris Tsefalas, 9 pm, $12-14

Dante's—Jonah, The Dimes, Boy Eats Drum Machine, 9:30 pm, $5

Domenic’s Bar & Grill—Lee Blake

Doug Fir —Camera Obscura, Georgie James, 9 pm, $12

Duff's Garage—Los Cowtones

Dunes—Saturdunes: DJ Beyonda, Corey Corey, Megadome, Ginger Jones AKA Shuffle, 9 pm

Edgefield —Tom Creegan & Finn Macginty, Dale Russ, 7 pm, free

Fez—Spank Rock’s Devlin & Darko, BBC Sound, 9 pm, $7

Goodfoot —Elemental Harmonics, Surrounded by Ninjas

Gorge—Pearl Jam, 7 pm, $49-58

Grand Cafe—Doc Wilson, Lyle Ford, 6 pm

Green Room —Carlos Severe Marcelin Duo, Floating Pointe, Sweet Juice, 9:30 pm

Halibuts—Warren Rand Trio

Hawthorne Theatre—The Unseen, Riot Cop, 9 pm, $10-12

Hood River Waterfront—Swankfest: My Life in Black & White, Bedlam Boys, More Powerful Astronaut, Wood, Spirit of Mike Foster, Sweety, Elevenstock, noon, free

Imbibe —Rachel Taylor Brown, 9:30 pm, $5

In Other Words—Red Herring, New Bloods, Taigaa!, More Teeth, 8 pm, $3-5

Jax —The Wayward Trio, 8 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Dusty York

Jolly Roger—Earl & The Reggae Allstars, 10 pm, free

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Kay's —Will West, Scott Gallegos, 8 pm

Kells—Grafton Street, 9:30 pm

Kelly's Olympian—The Wires, Swimmer, Die Kapitalist Pig

Laurelthirst—Radio Giants, 6 pm, free; Power of County, 9:30 pm, $5

Liberty Hall—Capitalist Casualties, Splatterhouse, Bung, Forced March, Consumption

Loveland—Droplaw, My Rescue, Endless Rage, Severed Silence, 6:30 pm, $7-10

Mississippi Pizza—Mica Lee Williams, Jaime & Becky, 6 pm; Cuba Ache, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Far West Acoustic Music Summit: Chico Scwall, Dan Lowe, Deadwood Revival, Ter-ra, Gypsy Soul, Ashleigh Flynn, Sneakin’ Out, 7 pm, $25-30

Mock Crest—Blueprints, 9 pm

Montego Bay—Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium NW —Paula Kelley, 5 pm

Outlaws—Afincando, $10

People's Co-Op—Division/Clinton Street Fair: The Coney Island Cartel, Mashuq, noon

Portsmouth Club—Rhythm Method

Powell Butte Park—Rich Halley’s Outside Music Ensemble, 7 pm

Produce Row —Shelf Bellie, 9 pm, $3

Pudding River—NW World Reggae Festival: Anthony B, KRS-One, Queen Omega, Mikey General, Wisdom, Luna Angel & Moese, Milton Blake, Stevie Culture, Luminous Fog, Instigators, Uprite Dub Orchestra, 4 pm, $50

Red & Black Cafe—If If Was Was, Bowerbirds, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Sonny Hess Trio, 9 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—Stuck Mojo, Panic Cell, Stonecreep, DIJ, Bedlam Massacre, 7 pm, $12-15

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Keebler’s B-Day Benefit

Slabtown—Jim Bone & The Dig

Sydney’s Cafe—2 Door Bungalow, 7 pm, free

The Hutch—Sumo, 9 pm

The Know—Doctor Moss, Neutria, Terror Class, 9 pm, free

The Stein Haus—Sinner’s Club

Thirsty Lion—Darby O’Gill

Tillicum Club—Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

TLC Alberta—Terry Riley, 7:30 pm, $20

Tonic—Scott Kellogg’s Big Punk Rock Circus: The Neins, 8 Foot Tender, Dirty Lowdowns, MS 45, Muddy River Nightmare Band, SK & The Punkass Bitches, The Legend of Dutch Savage, Howie & The Hotknives, 8 pm, $8

Towne Lounge—Tides, Coven of One

Twilight Cafe—Twitch, Quaker Gun

Veneta, OR—Zimbabwean Music Fest: Lucky Moyo & friends, Musekiwa Chingodza, Nyamuziwa, Savara Chena, Project Rugare, Katura Marimba, Njuzu Mbira, & more, 11 am

Voleur Restaurant—Carri Bella

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —The Imprints, Caleb Coffey Duo, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar—Upper Left Trio


15th Street Pub—Wayward Trio

Alberta St. Pub—Bossa Nouveau, 8 pm, $4

Andina Restaurant—Tracy Kim Trio

Ash St. Saloon—Fantasta, Ne’ve, Seba, Matt Zekala, 9:30 pm, $5

Augustana Lutheran Church—Augustana Jazz Quartet, 6 pm, free

Beale Street NW —Gospel Lunch, 1 pm

Berbati's Pan—Santotzin Benefit Show

Beulahland—Chickweed, 3:30 pm, free

Biddy McGraw's—Irish Music Open Jam

Billy Ray's—Farmers Almanac, Ferocious Eagle, Silver Kings Leather Uppers, The Neins, 4 pm

Clinton Street Theater—Julius Margolin, George Mann, 7:30 pm, $5-7

Clyde's Prime Rib—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Dante's—Ebb & Flow, 9 pm; Sinferno Cabaret, DJ Kenoy, 11 pm, $6

Doug Fir —Tom Heinl, Power of County, 3 pm, free

Edgefield —Ellen Whyte, 5 pm, free

Elephants Deli—Ron Steen Trio, 2:30 pm

Food Hole—At Dusk, Alan Singley & Pants Machine, Prime Meridian, 9 pm, $5

Gorge—Pearl Jam, 7 pm, $49-58

Hawthorne Theatre—Rx Bandits, State Radio, Monty Are I, Desa, 8 pm, $12

Imbibe —Hanz Araki & Cary Novotny, 7 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Gypsy Jazz, 8 pm

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Kells—Pete Yeates

Mississippi Pizza—Rich Man’s Burden, Anne Weiss, 7:30 pm

Mississippi Studios—Sneakin’ Out, 8 pm

Mock Crest—Russell Thomas Agenda, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence—Foghorn Stringband, free

Oregon Zoo—Chris Isaak, Alison Moorer, 7 pm, $26

PGE Park—Bobby Caldwell, Poncho Sanchez, Nils, Tom Grant, Mindi Abair, Patrick Lamb, Craig Chaquico, N’ Touch, 1 pm

Pudding River—NW World Reggae Festival: Junior Reid, Barrington Levy, Detour Posse, Itawe, Katt & Roots Revolution, Reggae Angels, Andrew & Wada Blood, Sisters, 4 pm, $30

Red & Black Cafe—Vanessa Verlee, 8:30 pm

River Roadhouse—Sinner’s Club Open Jam, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Caroline Oakley, Pete Leone, 4 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—The Battle of the Bands, 6 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Municipal Waste, Menacer, Deadfall, Deathsaw, 8 pm; DJ Thumper, 8 pm, free (lounge)

Sellwood Park—Buds of May, 6:30 pm

The Steinhaus—Kinzel & Hyde, 8:30 pm, free

Tonic—Great Grand Wonderful, Amara, My Own Black Eye

Towne Lounge—Taigaa!, Elephone, The Low Haunts, $5

Veneta, OR—Zimbabwean Music Fest: Garadziva & Melissa Chigamba, Alport Mhlanga, Paul Prince, Kuzanga, Jenaguru Marimba Ensemble, Sahlee Mbira, & more, 11 am

Waverly Heights Congregational Church—Community Singing w/The Portland Sacred Harp, 2 pm, free

White Eagle —Open Mic w/Mica Lee Williams, 7:30 pm, free

WOW Hall (Eugene)—Michael Showalter, Eugene Mirman, Leo Allen, 7:30 pm, $10-12


Acme—Azalia Snail, The Vulterines, 10 pm

Alberta St. Pub—The Pickups, 6:30 pm, free

Andina Restaurant—Sambafeat

Ash St. Saloon—Open Mic, 9:30 pm, free

Biddy McGraw's—Lowell J. Mitchell, Jeffree White, 6 pm

Clinton Corner—Reggae Jam w/Earl the Reggae Allstar, 7 pm

Dante's—Ground Zero Lounge w/Clyde Lewis, 7:30 pm, free; Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $2

Doug Fir —MarchFourth Marching Band, Solovox, 9 pm, $5

Edgefield —Skip Van Kuske Diva Series w/Sound Spell, 7 pm, free

Food Hole—Municipal Waste, Deadfall, Hellshock, Abe Vigoda, Argumentix, 7:30 pm, $8

Green Room —Open Mic w/Chuck Warda, 9 pm

Halibuts—Lloyd Jones

Imbibe —Zupa, 8 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Berry Joe Stull, 6 pm

Jimmy Mak's—Dan Balmer, 7:30 pm, free

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Kells—Pete Yeates

Mississippi Pizza—Swing Papillon, 6 pm; The Shondes, The Golden Bears, Gay Deceivers, New Bloods, 9 pm, $3-5

Moon & Sixpence—Johnny B. Connolly, free

Produce Row —Ron Steen’s Jazz Jam, 9 pm, $3

The Stein Haus—Fabulous Badcats

Towne Lounge—Michelle Malone, The Moaners, The Vanderbuilte, $10

Tube—Redbird + Josh Hydeman, Antique, DJ Nate C

White Eagle —Griffin, 8 pm, free


Andina Restaurant—Toshi Onizuka

Ash St. Saloon—Edmonton Block Heaters, Dolly Dolly, 9:15 pm, free

Berbati's Pan—Boot Camp, Clik, Clockwerk, Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, Sean Price, 9:30 pm, $13.50-15

Biddy McGraw's—Dylan Thomas Vance, Griff Bear

Blue Monk—Ramsey’s Groove Trio, free

Candlelight —Reggie Houston’s Earth Island Band, 9:30 pm, free

Catlin Gabel School—Chamber Music NW Festival, 8 pm

Clinton Corner—Pagan Jug Band, 6:30 pm

Crystal Ballroom—Corinne Bailey Rae, 8 pm, $12.50-15 (Lola’s)

Dante's—The Rag and Bone Men, Ernie Halter, Curtis Peoples, Dave Yaden, 8 pm, $5

Doug Fir —Lander, Matt Putnam, 9 pm, $5

Duff's Garage—Dover Weinberg Quartet

Dunes—Pink Bullets... Bang! Bang! Disco

Edgefield —Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, 7 pm, free

Food Hole—El Boxeo

Green Room —PDX Songwriter Showcase, 9 pm

Imbibe —James Low, Lewi Longmire, 6 pm; PBRchestra, 8 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Balkan Music & Dance, 9 pm

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown Septet, 7:30 pm, $6

Kells—Eric Tonsfeldt, 9 pm

Ken’s Place—Steve Cheseborough, 5 pm

Les Schwab Amphitheater—Ween

Loveland—The Warriors, Nodes of Ranvier, Inked in Blood, Society’s Finest, 7 pm

Mississippi Pizza—Michael T. Jarrett, 5 pm; Mississippi Jazz Jam, 8 pm

Mississippi Studios—Pierce Pettis, Jan Krist, 8 pm

Mock Crest—Nobody’s Sweethearts

Mt Tabor Park —Locust Street Taxi, 6:30 pm

Music Millennium NW —Curtis Peoples, Ernie Halter, 7 pm

Old Town Pizza—Acoustic Songwriter Spotlight

Roseland —The Raconteurs, Kelley Stoltz, 8 pm, $30

The City—EZ Connection

Tonic—Birds & Batteries, The Red Land, The 3 Heads, Adam Smouse

Twilight Cafe—The Shannon Tower Band

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Joe McMurrian’s Acoustic Review, 8:30 pm, free

Wilf's Piano Bar—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 7:30 pm, free


15th Street Pub—Lon, 9 pm; Open Mic, 10 pm

45th Street Pub—Open Mic

Abou Karim Restaurant—Portland Jazz Singers: Sandy Dennison, Claudia Knauer, Carri Bella

Acme—Nate Ashley, The Blank Tapes, Emme Packer, 10 pm, $5

Alberta St. Pub—Zydeco Dance Party, 7 pm

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Amazon Cafe—Ramsey y Los Montunos, 9 pm

Andina Restaurant—Toshi Onizuka

Ash St. SaloonLittle Beirut, Gregory Miles Harris, The Prescott Thumbos, 9:30 pm, $3

Berbati's Pan—Grant Lee Phillips, Kristin Hersh, 9:30 pm, $15

Biddy McGraw's—Bob Soper

Billy Reed's—David Valdez Quartet, 4:30 pm, $3; Groove Jazz Jam Session, 8 pm, free

Blue Diamond—Jam Session w/Danny Hay Davis

Blue Monk—The Artistocrats

Boons Treasury—Greg Clarke, 8 pm, free

Buffalo Gap—Soundspell

Cascade Bar—Jam Band PDX

Clyde's Prime Rib—Barbara Lusch

Crystal Ballroom—Amos Lee, (Lola’s)

Dante's—Levon Levan, 14 Ninjas, Catfight, 10 pm, $5

Dawson Park—Melao, 6:30 pm

Doug Fir —Tina Dico, Joe Purdy, 9 pm, $10

Driftwood Tavern—Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage—Blues Jam w/Suburban Slim

Edgefield —Lincoln Crockett, 7 pm, free

First Congregational Church—Portland Symphonic Choir, 7 pm

Goodfoot —Piano Throwers

Green Room —Stephen Ashbrook, 9 pm

Ground Kontrol—The Headliners, 10 pm, free

H2O Martini Bar—Matt Vrba, 6 pm

Halibuts—Paul DeLay

Hawthorne Theatre—Open Mic, 8 pm, free (balcony)

Heathman Hotel—Clay Giberson, 7 pm

HoloceneCaves, The Tasteful Nudes, Valediction, 9 pm, free

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Irish Music, 6 pm; Arabian Music, 8:30 pm

Jax —KMHD/Jax Jazz Jam, 7 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown Quartet, 7:30 pm, $5

Kells—Eric Tonsfeldt, 9 pm

Main Street Plaza—Lions of Batucada, 5 pm

Mississippi Pizza—Steph Taylor, Acoustic Minds, 7 pm

Mississippi Studios—Mare Wakefield, Colin Spring, Jim Brunberg, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence—Trashcan Joe, 8:30 pm, free

Music Millennium NW —Keith Carlock & friends, 7 pm

Oregon Zoo—Daby Toure, 7 pm, $9.50

Portland Expo Center—Panic! at the Disco, The Dresden Dolls, The Hush Sound, 7:30 pm, $20-25

Portsmouth Club—Blues Jam w/Rowdy James & The Handlers

Red & Black Cafe—Shicky Gnarowitz, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Jon Koonce Band, 8 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—36 Crazyfists, Falling Closer, Inflikt, Across the Sun, Syx, Regiment 26

Roseland —The Rentals, Ozma, Return, 8 pm

Sydney’s Cafe—Madeline, Obechoir, Natural Bridges, Hey Tiger, 6 pm, $3

The Old Church—Paul Barlow, noon, free

The Signal—Xtripwirex, Nothing to Prove, Prepare for War, Grounds for Assault, 7 pm, $6

Thirsty Lion—The Roaming Eyes

Tillicum Club—Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Towne Lounge—Dave Pajo, Holly Throsby, John Weinland, 9:30 pm, $8

Twilight Cafe—Random Jam w/Charlie Girl & The Big Package, 8 pm

Valentine’s—Ohioan, Bitchfork, Adam Gnade, 8 pm, free

Vino Paradiso—The Djangophiles, 8 pm

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Steve Ulrich & The Spot Band, 8:30 pm, $4

Wilf's Piano Bar—Tobaj w/Jim Fisher

Wired Coffee—Open Mic, 7 pm

WOW Hall (Eugene)—Wisdom, Resident Anti-Hero, Kerizel Roots, 8:30 pm, $10-12

DJ Listings


Acme—Booty: DJ Puppet, 10 pm, $3

Apotheke—DJ van Dis, 8 pm

Backspace—Metronome: Microelectronic Funk

Bettie Ford—DJ Yaz

Boxxes —DJ Sam

Chances Sports Bar—DJ DannyG, 10 pm

Crush —L-Train

Devil’s Point—DJ Kenoy

Fez—Invasion w/DJ Catalyst, 10 pm, free

Greek Cusina—DJ Kickin-Wing (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna); J-Boogie

Ground Kontrol—TRONix: DJ Afrobot, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Noctraunus

Matador—DJ I Heart You, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—James Steele

Noir—Elbow Room: DJ Ravi, Jazzy Eyewear, Galen


Produce Row —Small Axe, $3

Ringler's Pub—DJ Savi, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Honeydripper, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—Techno Sol w/DJ Suppoz, 10 pm, free

Tube—DJ KJ

XV—De-luxe: DJs Evil One, Gemo, 10 pm, free


720 Club—DJ Radius, DJ Timmy, 10 pm

Acme—Wild Card cabaret, 10 pm, $5

Beulahland—Seoultrain w/Seoul Brother #1, Dong Ko-Nee Lee-Us

Billy Reed's—DJ Paradox, 9 pm, free

Boxxes —DJ Sam

Crush —Cliche: DJ Set It & Forget It

Delta Cafe—Arland+Akina

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy, 9 pm, free

Domenic’s Bar & Grill—Dance Party

East Chinatown Lounge—DJ Izm

Fez—Shut Up & Dance w/DJ Gregarious, 10 pm, $5

goodfoot —DJ Aquaman's Soul Stew, 10 pm

Greek Cusina—Rascue, Professor Stone

Ground Kontrol—Time Lapse: Moonchild, 10 pm, free

Holocene—Boombox Friday: Solenoid, DJ P. Disco, Nice Nice, DJ BJ, DJ Maxx Bass, 9 pm, $3

Matador—DJ Trixie Doll, DJ Lucifina, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—James Steele

Night Light Lounge—Criminal Justi System, 10 pm, free

Noir—Oubliette w/DJs Apocalypse, City Rocker

Pala—Flave, Jaden, $6

Pi-Rem—DJ Tronic, 9 pm, free

Ringler's Pub—DJ B Dangerous, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—All Things Considered w/Mr Mumu, 10 pm, free

Tube—Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots w/DJ Nikki C

U&I Tavern —Small Axe Sounds

XV—DJ Tant


Ararat—After Dark: DJ Matt e Starr, 11 pm

Aztec Willie's—Salsa Night w/DJ Jose, 9:30 pm, free

Bettie Ford—Award Tour: DJ Evil One

Billy Ray's—Glam Night: DJs Hwy 7, Red Robot Walking, 8 pm

Bobby McGee's—Kevin Berry’s Old School Jam w/DJ Michael Morris

Boxxes —DJ Dougalicious

Chances Sports Bar—DJ 1996 Olympics

Colosso—DJ No. 3, 10 pm

Crush —Swing Set: DJ Stay in School

Devil’s Point—DJ Brooks

East Chinatown Lounge—Jammotron, 7 pm; DJ Nik Fury, 10 pm

Greek Cusina—DJ Professor Stone, Flipsta (Minoan)

Ground Kontrol—Reaganomix: Mr. Roboto, 10 pm, free

Holocene—Double Down: DJ Safronica, 8 pm, $5

Matador—DJ Moisti, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—Jason B

Momo's—DJ Wicked, 10 pm, free

Night Light Lounge—DJ Chango, 10 pm, free

Noir—Dementia: Valence, Medusa, DJ Wrex Industrial, 9 pm, $3

Pala—IZ, Scotty Soul, Adam O’Suna, Demetre Baca, 9 pm, $8

Pi-Rem—Urban Workz: DJs Gemo, Cbevans, Mr. Strack, 9 pm, free

Ringler's Pub—DJ Miranda, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—Allumè w/Mr. Mumu, 10 pm, free

Subway (SE Hawthorne & 36th)—Second Grand Opening: Local DJs

Tube—Gimme Danger w/DJ Maxamillion

U&I Tavern —DJ Mattbastard



Bettie Ford—Jayanta

Crystal Ballroom—Hive: DJ Blackout, Owen, 9 pm, $3 (Lola’s)

Devils Point—Stripparaoke w/KJ Pinky, 9 pm, free

Greek Cusina—Industry Night w/local DJs

Ground Kontrol—Black Sunday: DJ Nate C, 10 pm, free

Holocene—Cupcake: DJs Bit, Harmony, 5 pm, $5

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Mouth2Mouth

Matador—DJ Donny Don’t, 10 pm, free

Noir—Sunday Sermon: Mr. Clean, Matt Rock, Jacob London, Dave Pezzner

Pala—Demetre, Baca, Adam Osuna, $1

The Nest Lounge—DJ Ben, 9 pm

Vendetta—SIN Soul Sundays: DJ Maxamillion

XV—The Name Game w/Mr. MuMu


Aalto Lounge—DJ Maxamillion

Berbati's Pan—Tha’ Boom w/DJs Automaton, Beyonda, Ko, Wesley

Boxxes —DJ Synthetic

Devils Point—DJ Brooks

Duff's Garage—Zombo’s Mondo Party

East Chinatown Lounge—iPod uPod

Greek Cusina—Monday Night Raw w/DJs Hightower, My Friend Andy, ATM, Davis Cleveland, 10 pm, free (Taverna)

Ground Kontrol—SIN Night: DJ Carrion, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Sars

Matador—DJ Hanna, 10 pm, free

Momo's—Mello Mondays w/DJ Mello Cee

Slabtown—DJ Marantic

Tonic—DJ Matt Machine

XV—DJ Jammotron, Just Alice


Boxxes —Flirt w/Cory

Crush —DJ Wann

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy

East Chinatown Lounge—Throwback Tuesdays: Evil One, Gemo

Egyptian Club—DJ Automaton, 10 pm

goodfoot —Eclectic Selectors Perspective w/Seoul Brother #1, Atom13, Homonym, 10 pm, free

Greek Cusina—DJs James Steele, Antonio, 10 pm, free (Minoan)

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Hott Scott

Matador—DJ Pakastani Tranni, 10 pm, free

Mudai—DJ Be-1

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—DJ Hopper, Paultimore, 9 pm, free (lounge)

Towne Lounge—Meet Department, $2

Tube—No No No Disco w/DJ Nightschool, Neighborhood DJ

XV—DJ Linoleum, Paula B, 10 pm, free


Basta's—DJ Nathan Bixel

Bettie Ford—Homotherapy: L-Train, DJ Automaton

Bitter End—DJ Redi Jedi

Crush —DJ Amanda, Love Jones Lounge

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy

East Chinatown Lounge—DJs Atom 13, Soil

Fez—Devotion w/local DJs, 9:30 pm, free

Greek Cusina—Cyantific, No Thing, Jed Black

Jolly Roger—All Hands on Deck w/DJ Opter, AliCat, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Colin Sic

Matador—FauxReal, 10 pm, free


Pala—Ignite, free

Pix Patisserie (NE)—PRA Night, 9 pm

Produce Row —Open Mic w/June Bunton, 9 pm, free

Red Cap Garage—Vas-O-Line: DJs Beyonda, Solomon, Dandylion, Stormy, 9 pm, $3-5

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—DJ Mee’oww, 10 pm, free (lounge)

Saucebox—Beat Initiative w/DJs Rafa, Flutterby

Tonic—Reggae Dancehall

XV—Van Glorious

Three Friends Coffeehouse—Suck My Open Mic w/Tamara J. Brown, 7 pm